Bonnie Clark

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Bonnie Clark
Actor Randi Oakes
Appears in Seasons 3 through 5 (1979 - 1982)
Call Numbers 7 Charles
Badge Number Unknown
Bonnie during Season 3
Bonnie easy becomes distracted by Jon as seen in "Valley Go Home!"

Bonnie Clark is originally from Iowa.[1] Bonnie has a hot temperament and often goes her own ways.[2][3][1][4][5][6][7][8][9] When she believes something happened, it's hard to tell her the truth.[10] She has a heart of corn and takes care for the ones who need help. When Getraer is threatened by an old enemy, and Bonnie decides to give a whole family a new home in her apartment.[11] One day she gets a higher paying job offer to take part in the Joie Chitwood Stunt Show while dating a stunt driver named Ray Conner.[1] The Sarge helps her to make the right decision. She is often called Bonnie Bear by her CB radio friend Corey Marshall who has a problem with stuttering, and has special needs when it's come to treatment in therapy.[10] She once took a Spanish language class back in high school, and still knows how to speak it as well is translate it into English very often during investigations.[12] She lives at 3010 Montrose Avenue, Glendale.[13][11] She was temporarily assigned to partner with a rookie officer Kathy Mulligan for a couple weeks.[14] She does seem to like a little romance in her life.[2][1][15][16] She is often very nice to others by doing favors, and is great at making new friends.[2][16][17][9] She does known sign language, and often works as a translator for death people.[17] She had once went to the police academy, and later graduated with her former friend named Toni Max who had turned car thief later on in life.[6] She often does offended by Grossie remarks, and other little things.[1][5][6][7][8] She does often cares others during the time of need.[18][19] She can be stubborn at different times.[1][4][5] She would later have a talk with Tom's ex-wife by the name of Rachael Cory.[20] She does have a good sense of humor, and often does laugh at others.[21][18][22]

Bonnie and Jon are actually having a good time as seen in "Wheeling"
Bonnie sitting in Harlan's Mustang as seen in "Sharks"

She had once agree to help Ponch and Jon out by going undercover as rich business woman living in a condo in order to have lunch at the Chart House in Marina del Rey, finally gets out of a rented Rolls-Royce after parking it herself while wearing some of her real expensive jewelry by causing an incident when one of her real gold rings accidentally falls off her left finger, and sets up a jewel thief named Chuck after letting him put it back on her left finger.[2] She had finally agreed to do Ponch a favor for being late by driving his friend named Marla who happens to be the daughter of convicted tow truck driver named Danny to elementary school.[23] She seemed to interested in tennis lessons rather than write a ticket violation.[24] She was nice enough to be Jon's partner in a tennis match against Getraer and Grossie.[25] She helped Ponch and Jon in the arrest of traffic criminal named Delgado, and mananging to calm down a road rage driver named Harry Saunders.[26] She actually did take part in billing prank in order to get back at a motor officer named Bill Clayton that was actually filling in for Ponch.[27] She did actually take part in funeral for another officer named Steve Wydemeyer who was accidentally killed in car crash caused by a stunt driver.[28] She had helped Ponch and Jon actually arrest three counterfeiters who were running a print shop out of the Divine Gospel Church.[29] She was once caught by Lieutenant named Harold Bates while having a lunch with Jon, Grossie, and Baricza at Lucy's Drive In.[12] She along with Grossie, Baricza, Turner had helped Getraer to catch a criminal named Nick Ferris by agreeing to go to LAPD to search their files for any citations, and found Harlan's ticket violation.[30] She had found the mysterious doctor by name of Lucy Kenton, and an address for Ponch and Jon.[31] She even attended the funeral of officer Andy Stratowski who was actually dying of a brain tumor but was accidentally killed after being shot in the back by a piece of shrapnel.[32] She had drawn number four in a bet to see when Betty Getraer was going to deliver a third child, and that same day had receive a poor call for backup while chasing a suspect named Stan who actually part of an aging biker gang called Satan's Angels that had caused a car accident which ended at the park. [4] She even borrowed Harlan's hill climbing Mustang to helped catched a criminal.[21] She had a crush on a new motorcycle officer named T.C. Hunsacker, and decided to throw a special barbecue at her apartment in honor of him. She had gotten little upset at Ponch's girlfriend over flirting with T.C. about classical music at her special barbecue.[13] She was sitting on the floor at Ponch's Apartment waiting for them to comeback with Pizza, and actually finds out that the bank forgot to add one of Ponch's paycheck deposits. She had later accidentally drop a piece of Pepperoni Pizza on Ponch's paycheck.[33] Both her, Ponch, Jon, Turner, Harlan, and Grossie had watched Baricza tear up his termination papers though a window.[34] She is actually good friends with her colleagues Melanie Mitchell and Paula Woods.[35][36] She originally had a 1980 Ford Fairmont Futura, and supposed to give her friend Maria a ride home. Her car was actually stolen by Hungarian Motorcycle star named Janos after setting Harlan's dumpster on fire with a gasoline soaked piece of paper by lighting a match. After she had spotted Janos stealing her car, and kidnapping her friend Maria then starting a police chase while leaving the CHP. Janos then decided to abandoned her car by performing a trick turn around stunt which caused had damaged both the front and rear suspension while roadblocking a semi truck. Janos had decided to hit the truck driver in crotch using her drivers side door by putting a big dent.[37] She finally had gotten a beautiful brand new 1982 Buick Skylark by agreeing give to Ponch a ride in order to meet his sister named Patti at a restaurant, and refused to let him change in the backseat.[38] She is actually good friends with Sherron Duke that works down at the Youth Center on Oak Street.[39] She is actually good friends with Ponch's ex girlfriend which is Robbie Davis who happens to own a trucking company.[40] She is actually good friends with Steve McLeish, and help Baricza take down a police report after a car accident.[41] She did give Ponch some support about the incidents with a little blonde hair kid, and manage to cheer up Harlan.[42] She did understand Earl Hogan's complaint against Jon, and help him temporarily as a translator.[17] She did actually have a telephone conversation with Getraer over the new computer accidentally malfunctioning, and manage comfort an elderly woman named Nettie. She had later gotten into an argument with Getraer over her paycheck later on during the week.[9] She once had her cruiser stolen by two punks, and arriving with Turner while Getraer's motorcycle had be placed on back of a truck. She had gotten into an argument with Getraer over a coffee break, and later was comforted by Ponch and Grossie until getting called into the Captain's office by Getraer. After she had finally gotten out of the Captain's office, and once had gotten into another argument with Getraer over cruiser being stolen. She was forced to be on desk duty, and had gotten into an argument with Grossie and Baricza by changing her mind now wanting to take her three days vacation time. While in the break room with her colleagues when Harlan had arrive, and she had gotten upset by an offensive remark by Grossie. She had let out an anger sign at Grossie, and walked out in a big huff. She had later came back after taking her three days of vacation time by finally agreeing to take the desk duty job, and was comforted by Ponch by hearing that Getraer might be getting promoted to lieutenant at central.[7] She is actually good friends with Jon's girlfriend Marcie.[16] She along with her colleagues can be seen later having a meeting in the officers room. She had later pulled over a speeding van when a man with the jet pack inside had escape, and manage to call for backup that when Ponch had arrived at the scene. She along with her colleagues would arrest the exact same war criminals later on the week.[43] She had managed to chase down two criminals in a semi truck, and she would later respond to a pursuit of a 1973 Plymouth Fury that was being used a blocker car by a former CHP Sargent by the name of Tom Cory, Sr. using their responding codes. She did give some information about Tom going into an office building.[20] She can be seen later driving her new Buick to Chippendales for a bachelorette party, and manage to take some of a male stripper that looks exactly like Ponch. The next morning she gave the pictures to Ponch thinking it was him working there.[8]

Bonnie wearing a pair of Aviator Sunglasses while chasing the Suspects as seen in "Christmas Watch"
Bonnie's 1980 Ford Fairmont Futura being hijacked by Hungarian immigrant Janos Szabo as seen in "Suicide Stunt"

Bonnie's talents include: gymnastics[44], stunt performer[1][37], tennis player[24][25], bowler[13], darts[2], balloon popper[2], wheelchair racer[2], hang-glider[45], roller skater[46][47], disco dancer[46][47], go-cart racer[15][48], chess player[43], karate[16], drag racer[5], bicyclist[49][50][51], motorcyclist[4], weight lifter[49][50], dirt track racer[3], sailboarder[52], basketball[2][53], scuba diver[21], street racer[21][41], sky-diver[54], ultralight pilot[4], wind-surfer[24], video game player[11], student pilot[55], archery[48], singer[56][57], unicyclist[53], stilt walker[53], swimming[21][41], dirt biker[23], sprint car racer[58], motorcycle racer[41], water slider[41], hiking[42], dancing[46][47][57][17], jet-skier[9], wrestler[6], jogging[6], running[6], and ATV Rider.[16] She once lost to Grossie during a game of Space Invaders.[11] She actually enjoyed going down the water slide at the fun park.[41] She is actually a black belt in karate, and does enjoy riding all-terrain vehicles.[16] She actually did enjoy going running with her former friend Toni, and later on that week had gotten into a mud wrestling match while trying to arrest her old friend.[6] She did enjoy go dancing with the Hogan family.[17] She even lost to Getraer in the CHP chess tournament.[43] She does enjoy watching male strippers, and through one of them was Ponch working at Chippendales at nighttime.[8]

Bonnie and Ponch agree to go undercover on an assignment for the CHP as seen in "Breaking Point"
Bonnie talking into the CB Radio while sitting in her own patrol car as seen in "Moonlight"

Bonnie's volunteer efforts include: She once volunteered to host a disco modeling contest.[46][47] She had agreed to volunteered her time by organizing the yearly carnival for the injured children at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and helped out by working in the balloon popping booth as well as serving the food.[2] Both her, Ponch, Jon, and Getraer had recovered the bell, and she had to delivered it back to the church so that the kids can ring it on Christmas Eve.[59] She had also volunteered to take the emergency medical technician training course on her own time.[45] She had decided to take part in the CHP car wash to help the go-cart kids raise some money, and while actually flirting with a firefighter which causes Harlan to get angry enough to start a water fight by using his hose to spray her all soak and wet. She had helped out during the go-cart race by waving the flags.[15] She took part in the bucket of water challenge, and even got herself tossed into kiddie pool by Turner. She later had a ball thrown at her while sitting in the dunk tank by actor Richard Klein.[49][50] She had rocked a set of twins back and forth both at Central, and a couple of days later at the hospital.[60] She even demonstrated the safety device, and equipment along with Communications Sergeant.[61] She did part as well as play forward for the CHP Central basketball team, and wore a number one on her jersey.[53] She had decided to take over for Grossie in CHP Booth during an investigation of two criminals.[35][36] She had once volunteered to teach a gymnastics class at the youth center in Ponch's old neighborhood until Andy Macedon had ruined it for the kids that one night.[44] She had given Getraer's family a temporary home in her apartment during the time that was needed for protection from a vigilante hate group.[11] She did comfort her friend Betty in the hospital while Getraer was having an emergency operation on his recently injured right eye, and later agree to go undercover as a nurse while wearing a pair of glasses.[62] She had agreed to give her friend Maria a ride home.[37] She had helped Jon take part in a high speed recumbent bicycle race.[51] She had comforted Mrs. Williams after that robbery in the early morning. She had Jon and Steve help out with a karate exercise while teaching a women's self-defense class. [16] She did help Jon take down the police report after a car accident involving Timmy Getraer's friend Pat McGuire, and would later go undercover to help catch some bank robbers.[18] Both her and Grossie had decided to act as advocates in order to save Ponch's apartment building.[63] She had agree to give an recently injured Ponch a ride to a restaurant.[38] She along with Harlan had volunteer to watch laser light show demonstration their effects at UCLA.[58] She had volunteer out of anger to take her three days of vacation time, and later came back to be on desk duty which includes filed papers during the rest of the week.[7] She was one of the first people to volunteer to take a sign language course along with her colleagues except for Jon.[17] She along with colleagues had manage to comfort Ponch while Jon was admitted to the emergency room after accidentally breathing in chlorine gas, and later helped Grossie and Turner because of the north wind.[19] She had offered to help a stranded motorists, and would help out a process server named Darla.[43] She did back up Baricza during a gang fight, and later on helped out Grossie, Turner, and Harlan plant trees in the grass right next to the sidewalks in Ponch's old neighborhood.[39] Both her and Ponch would later visit the hospital, and she would go into a room in order to take down a report from a victim named Elaine Price that was recently injured by a lion handled by Lou Poole.[8] She had help from Tom a former CHP Sargent of Ponch and Jon's who was busted in late 1976 for stealing trucks, and would later follow him. She would later used her own Buick to follow Tom driving a truck full of stolen equipment to a construction site in order to make a bust. She would later help put a family back together.[20]

Bonnie chasing the suspect as seen in "Satan's Angels"
Bonnie responding to a call on the CB Radio as seen in "Finders Keepers"

Bonnie's medical injuries include: She was in a car accident caused by her hallucinating a truck due to lack of sleep after having gotten up at four o'clock in the morning to appear in courtroom in Bakersfield by eight o'clock that same morning, and had suffered a concussion.[10] She hurt her shoulder after falling off a three wheeler while trying to make an escape.[4] She was temporarily blinded by a laser during a robbery while escort the Department of Motor Vehicles cashier to the bank, and ended going to the emergency room in order to be checked out.[58] She had accidentally had hit her head while ducking down to avoid getting killed by a semi truck bashing in the windshield of her cruiser.[20]

Bonnie comes to the rescue as seen in "Wheels of Justice"
Bonnie comes for backup as seen in "A Threat of War"

Bonnie's heroic efforts include: Both her and Baricza had responded by arriving at the scene of a recent car accident along the Pacific Coast Highway near Malibu State Beach that was caused by a little girl's kite after Hispanics had stolen the surfboards from White people, and directed traffic in order clear up the scene.[24] She had helped a stunt driver named Dennis who was faking an ankle injury while running an insurance scam until the ambulance arrived.[28] She helped Ponch by getting a rope out of the trunk of her cruiser in order to rescue an injured man after his car had caught fire and went off the cliff, and had Jon use a hang-glider to pull him to safety.[45] She had helped Ponch who talking to the gas station attendant in Spanish by taking over the purse of two criminals named Solkin and Bickel who were driving around in recently stolen Rolls-Royce, and had recently kidnap two teenage boy by the names of Pete and Ray. She had to listen to La Cucaracha on Ponch's horn in order catch Solkin and Bickel who had just stolen a Ford Torino Wagon, and manage to arrest them after a car accident by finally rescuing Pete and Ray.[64] She helped Ponch and Jon in the rescue of their friend Marla from almost suffocating to death inside a stolen MG hoisted up in the air by a crane inside a junkyard.[23] She had helped Ponch and Jon rescue a black woman who had accidentally driving a brown van into a lake that was cause by their friend Wayne driving around on his go-cart.[15] She helped Ponch and Jon rescue their friend Tom Catlin after his semi truck had accidentally went off road, and their other friends Dani and Jill after their car had went underneath an acid tanker truck.[52] She had helped two women by names of Trudy and Martha rescue a recently injured dog that was accidentally shot by two poachers, and the same week had help Ponch and Jon rescue their friend Davey in the woods.[48] She had helped her friend Betty into a cab after going into false labor for the third time, and that same day had rescue two teenage girls from being tossed around in a blanket which ended up with her being kidnapped then later held hostage for ransom money.[4] She helped to rock infants back and forth after helping Ponch and Jon in the rescue of them from a crushed ambulance, and manage to help revive a woman named Denise who's drunken husband Arthur had accidentally throwned out the windshield after crashing another used Cadillac.[60] She had respond to a false 11-99 call to rescue Grossie after he had fallen by playing with a stray dog, and accidentally activating the new safety device.[61] She along with Ponch and Jon, and their her friends Toni and Sharon had help rescue a drug traffic criminal named Rodney Cameron III from being eaten alive by a shark using a cage.[21] Both Her and Jon had responded to murder in Getraer's room at Valley General Hospital.[62] She had to run back inside the RMS Queen Mary while wearing a lavender dress, and baby pink high heel pumps in order to get help in the meantime Ponch and Jon set up a roadblock to stop Janos from stealing a limousine along with kidnapping from kidnapping her friend Maria. She had also helped Harlan by putting out the fire in the dumpster while her car was being stolen by Janos.[37] She had arrive on the scence, and helped Jon investigate Jamie Wilson recent medical injuries after accidentally running into the side of a Cadillac before deciding to call for an ambulance.[51] She had let Jon, and Baricza to help a bounty hunter named Jake take over the pursuit of a criminal named Danton in order to help a recent accident victim.[56] She had helped Ponch, Jon, and Steve rescue two criminals named Charles and Nick who had accidentally started a fire after crashing their car during a police chase.[65] She did help Getraer finally catching punks that had stolen her cruiser a week earlier by blocking them accidentally getting another cruiser rammed.[7] She did help Ponch, Jon, and Baricza rescue a recently injured Grossie after a motorcycle accident that was accidentally cause by Earl who is actually death.[17] She did help Ponch and Jon rescue a woman and both of children before the station had exploded, and manage to grab a fire extinguisher in order to put out the fire plus call the ambulance. She would later arrive at chemical dumping scene because the truck had an accident, and manage to help a trouble teenager named Eddie by leading him in the right direction in order the chlorine gas. She had help Jon rescue Ponch, and manage to put him on the medical stretcher along with paramedics in order for ambulance to transport both patients.[19] She had helped Baricza arrest a set of indentical twin first graders who were starting to smash the windshield of Billy Rogers racing Camaro.[39] She did help Ponch and Jon rescue some animals by agreeing to take their helmets so they can run up the fire escape.[8]

Bonnie and her colleagues working on the CHP Dragster as seen in "Forty Tons of Trouble"
Bonnie and her colleagues admiring Harlan's Primary Motorcycle Trainer (H.P.M.T.). as seen in "Dynamite Alley"

She actually enjoys eating pizza[33], fish sandwiches, clam chowder, hot dogs[29][2], hamburgers[12][30][21], cheeseburgers, bratwurst, fries[12], popsicles, tacos[31], ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cones, steaks[2], eggs[4], bacon[4], chicken[13], kelp[21], beans[2], doughnuts[7], and chili.[22] Her favorite choice to eat in ice cream is actually strawberry.[54] Her favorite choice to eat in pizza is actually pepperoni.[33] Her favorite choice to eat in chicken is actually grilled in which she chosed to served at her own barbecue.[13] She does enjoy drinking Champagne.[3] She does enjoying eating doughnuts, and drinking coffee.[7] She actually does enjoy having cocktails at parties.[43] She actually did enjoy eating Ponch's spicy chili.[22]

Bonnie decides to substitutes as Earl's translator in office at central with Getraer as seen in "Silent Partner"

Bonnie's Free Time: She along with her colleagues did enjoy hosting a roller disco.[46][47] She along with her colleagues were invited by Harlan to have a party in a tent, and bring a bottle of Champagne in order to watch Ponch and Jon compete in a desert off-road race.[3] She did enjoy Getraer showing her his rock, and gem collection. She did invite her colleagues to watch her new boyfriend named Ray compete in the Joie Chitwood Stunt Show.[1] She along with her colleagues did enjoy watching the UCLA basketball game.[31] She along with her colleagues actually did enjoy watching The King Charles Troupe play at UCLA using their unicycles, stilts, and other skills.[53] She did enjoy attending Ponch's pool party while wearing a lavender strapless sundress, and matching high heels.[35] She actually does enjoy practicing her gymnastic skills.[44] She actually does enjoy hanging out in a bar, and playing space invaders.[11] She actually did enjoy watching Jon compete, and win the high speed recumbent bicycle race.[51] She along with her colleagues actually enjoyed going to the fun park, and got to go down the water slide.[41] She does enjoy trying out new hairstyles, and enjoyed using Jon and Steve to help demonstrate different karate moves during the teaching of self-denfense class later on that night.[16] She along with her colleagues did enjoy watching the air show.[55] She actually did enjoy wearing a red dress while pretending to look for a pair of diamond earrings.[18] She finally got to meet her favorite country singer which is actually Jewel Burnett at The Palomino Club, and enjoyed watching her perform there that same night.[56] She along with her colleagues actually did enjoy watching Grossie make his debut as a comedian.[66] She finally got to meet her favorite cowboy actor which is actually Wayne Cato during a bank robbery, and later on that week along with her colleagues actually got a demonstration of lasers by a junior professor named Scotty.[58] She along with her colleagues actually did enjoy watching Grossie slam himself into a locker, and later on got to watch Ponch make his debut as a singer. She was so excited after seeing their friend which is actually Snow Pink win the contest.[57] She along with her colleagues actually did enjoy a demonstration on car alarms. She did enjoy wearing a white fur coat by pairing with jewelry along with a brown blouse with matching slacks, and white high heel pumps in order to meet Ponch and Jon along with a criminal named Charlie Max at Chippendales by agreeing to see female mud wrestling in which she had found the show being both vulgar and offensive. She had gotten upset at the female mud wrestling match, and wanted to leave immediately because she found out it was set up in order to steal Jon's truck. She had later decide to get back at Ponch and Jon for taking her to see a female mud wrestling match by throwing them in the mud.[6] She does enjoy taking a bubble bath, and washing her beautiful long blonde hair.[7] She along with her colleagues actually enjoyed having small cocktail party at Ponch's apartment, and later to got see a man escape a van using a jet pack. She did enjoy watching Harlan and Grossie play a game of chess which had ended by accidentally knocking the down the board, and later shaking hand with each other during the end of a match.[43] She along with her colleagues actually did enjoy watching Ponch and Andy have their stupid karate match which had ended in a draw.[39] She does enjoy going to bachelorette parties, and watching male strippers at Chippendales which Grossie finds offensive and vulgar against men like himself.[8] She didn't enjoy the shrunk smell of Baricza's cruiser.[20] She does enjoy working with animals.[8][20][22]

Bonnie Favorite Hangouts: She does enjoy hanging out at Lucy's Drive In.[12][10][44][7]

Although she is probably still with the CHP and Ponch thought he saw her after he returned to the force in 1999[67], her current whereabouts are unknown.


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