Toni Max

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Toni and her colleagues standing in front of Jon's recently stolen blue truck which was repainted in beautiful red and silver as seen in "Alarmed"

Toni Max is actually the younger sister of Charlie Max another former California Highway Patrol Officer, she had decided to follow in her older brothers footsteps, finally enrolled in police academy back in 1975 along with her future colleagues which will include Bonnie Clark, Francis Poncherello, Barry Baricza, Arthur Grossman, and Jebediah Turner. Toni was commissioned as a officer of law in summertime of the same year, she had started in patrol car, within a year and half into law in enforcement career, she was put on desk duty because of her actions out in the streets, finally arrested by internal affairs along with her brother Charlie, including Tom Cory, Sr. for running an auto theft ring, and sent to prison for a few years. When Toni finally gotten out of prison.