Tow Truck Lady

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Tow Truck Lady
Episode # 320
Air Date Feb 9, 1980
Briefing Fake "Tow Away Zone" signs
Title screen

Brief Plot

A tow truck driver is forced to steal cars to pay off a debt. Meanwhile, Ponch ends up minding his daughter.


A tow truck driver (Danny) puts up a "Tow Away Zone" sign in front of a parked car and tows it away.

After the theme, a tomato truck overturns dumping hundreds of tomatoes on the highway.

The next day, Jon and Ponch go on a picnic with Ellen, Chris, and Marla (Danny's daughter).

Meanwhile, Danny tows in a car and we find out that he's stealing them to pay off a loan. Since he has to work late, Marla goes to work with Ponch.

After the briefing, Ponch gets Bonnie to bring Marla to school.

On the highway, a hay truck catches fire and rolls over, causing a major accident.

Later, Chris shows off his ring of "fire". Then they have a "party" with chips and dip. Danny calls and tells Marla he has to keep working.

The next day, Marla steals Chris's motorbike and goes home to try to get her dad on the CB. Danny's partner in crime goes to Danny's house to stop the girl. She sneaks out and hides in the car he's towing. After towing it to a junkyard, they raise it with a crane to hide it...with Marla inside. Ponch climbs the crane and rescues her just before the car crashes to the ground.

Guest Stars




Fun Facts

  • Ellen and Chris Roberts also appear in "Disaster Squad".
  • Danny and Marla's home was at 3621 Bagley Avenue. The house currently at that address is a 16 bedroom multi-family unit built in 2000, but the house to the left is still recognizable. View in Google Maps
  • The green and white Ford pickup that flips the flaming hay truck is the same one that was driven by the female bike riders in Off Road.


  • As the blue MG is being towed away, the schoolyard behind is full of kids, but when Danny stops the tow truck and gets out, they're still outside the same schoolyard and it's empty.
  • When Marla pulls the parking brake on the MG it skids around the corner, but when the camera angle changes, the car stops astride the first white line.
  • Would an MG weighing just over 1,600 lbs really cause a wrecking yard crane to fail?
  • Ponch races against time to rescue Marla before the cable on the crane snaps, yet when he reaches the ground he stands underneath the dangling car with Marla and is joined by Jon, Bonnie, Baricza, and Danny. Surely there are safer places to stand.
  • When the CHP officers arrive at the junkyard, the sun is almost directly overhead, yet after the rescue (supposedly just minutes later) the long shadows suggest it's near sunset.

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Tow Truck Lady
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