Barry Baricza

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Barry Baricza
Actor Brodie Greer
Appears in Seasons 1 through 5 (1977 - 1982)
Call Numbers 7 Adam & 7 David
Badge Number unknown
Barry Baricza

Barry Baricza is a patrol officer for the California Highway Patrol's Central area (southern division). His friends call him "Bear".

Officer Baricza has been seen drawing a weapon to protect himself three times. The first was when he encountered a group of men running a casino in a motor home and held the shotgun from his patrol car.<ref name="Ep120">Episode 120: "Rainy Day"</ref> He drew his weapon next in "Peaks and Valleys".<ref name="Ep201">Episode 201: "Peaks and Valleys"</ref> Finally, he pulled his service revolver after being beaten and knocked to the ground by a minor who knew karate and was threatening him with a weapon.<ref name="Ep416">Episode 416: "Karate"</ref>

For a short time, Barry quit the CHP to work as a crop duster for his father. He's a pilot and flight instructor. His father (who is also a crop duster) taught him how to fly.<ref name="Ep418">Episode 418: "The Hawk and the Hunter"</ref>

Baricza and Fritz won the 1976 CHP bowling tournament.<ref name="Ep109">Episode 109: "Hustle"</ref> He also enjoys playing racquetball with Getraer.<ref name="Ep111">Episode 111: "Name Your Price"</ref> Baricza has also played on the CHP basketball team.<ref name="Ep102">Episode 102: "Undertow"</ref>

He was injured in a hit and run which killed Officer Steve Wydemeyer.

As of 1999, Baricza is still with the CHP.<ref name="CHiPs99">Episode "CHiPs" '99: ""CHiPs" '99"</ref>

The three times Baricza draws a gun are the only three times any officer draws his weapon in the entire series.


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