The Hawk and the Hunter

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The Hawk and the Hunter
Episode # 418
Air Date April 5, 1981
Briefing ?
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Brief Plot

Baricza thinks about quitting the CHP to help out at his father's crop-dusting business. A Vietnam vet doesn't make life any easier for him by trying to sabotage the crop-dusting.


While Ponch, Jon, & Baricza respond to a traffic accident, Baricza's father has biplane trouble. The CHP quickly responds.

While enjoying coffee, Ponch and Jon learn that Mr. Baricza is being threatened and that Lyle Pickett hassles all who use pesticide on their fields. Later that day, Baricza drives into another car after taking a nap.

Later, Turner and Baricza almost collide while Ponch and Jon arrive to nab the car they were chasing. Although that was Turner's fault, Baricza blames himself. He decides to quit the CHP because he couldn't handle doing both crop dusting and highway patrol.

Baricza calls in Ponch and Jon to check out some crop vandalism. Ponch finds a campsite receipt on a destroyed field. When Ponch follows up, he meets up with Lyle's campsite neighbor, Shawna, who gives them the lead to check up on Lyle at the V.A. Hospital.

Meanwhile, Barry makes an emergency landing when Lyle's truck interferes. After repairs, Barry is flying again. At the V.A. Hospital, Ponch and Jon learn that Lyle did defoliation in Vietnam. He has been mentally disturbed ever since.

When Getraer brings Barry his termination papers, he reveals he doesn't want to take over the crop dusting business like his dad thought. After Getraer leaves, Lyle Pickett shows up bearing Molitov Cocktails. Ponch and Jon chase him but get caught in the mud. They get a ride with Pete Baricza while Barry Baricza uses the biplane to chase Lyle. When Barry leaves Lyle literally in the dust, Lyle rolls his truck and is caught by Ponch and Jon.

In the end, Barry tells Getraer he doesn't want to quit and rips his termination papers. Ponch and Jon give him the thumbs up and the credits roll over a picture of the biplane in flight.

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Fun Facts

Castaic Junction Restaurant
  • The opening scene where Baricza's father flies over the CHP officers was filmed on The Old Road near Castaic Junction. The Ham and Eggs restaurant and Chevron gas station in the background disappeared some time ago. They can also be seen in the Dukes of Hazzard episode Deputy Dukes and the A-Team episode Black Day at Bad Rock. The CHP-Newhall office now stands very close to where Jon, Ponch and Baricza were parked. View in Google Maps
  • The airstrip used in this episode was located at Indian Dunes, just west of Castaic Junction. The final chase was also filmed around Indian Dunes, previously seen in Off Road in season 3.


Truck with long bed

During the final chase, Lyle's truck briefly switches to one with a long bed.

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