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Rick Rosner's opening title credit

Rick Rosner is the creator of "CHiPs".

"I was the Creator, and Exec Producer for the first season.. after which I left to create a second series: "240-ROBERT" w/ Mark Harmon & Joanna Cassidy. It was on ABC back in 1979," wrote Rosner in an August 2, 1995 message. "Erik & I have remained close friends -- and I had lunch w/ Larry a couple of weeks ago. I'm still writing on a '286' IBM computer. I'm waiting for "WINDOWS '95" to come out later this month -- and then I'll graduate to a 'pentium multi-media' model.. which will allow me to surf the INTERNET."

Rick was (or may still be) a reserve Deputy Sheriff for Los Angeles County.

In his first message to CHiPs Online on July 31, 1995, he said, "My friend Mark Goffman, a major studio exec at Paramount, told me about the "CHiPs" site -- fantastic."


  • "CHiPs" (TV-1977-83) [Producer (1977) & Creator]
  • 240-Robert (TV-1979) [Creator]
  • Lottery! (1983) [Executive Producer & Creator]
  • Just Men! (1983) [Creator]
  • Panic in the Skies! (1996) [Executive Producer & Story Writer]
  • "CHiPs" '99 (TV-10/27/1998) [Executive Producer, Director, & Story Writer]


Rick's younger sister is named Sandy Baker. She has one son named Jonathan A. Baker. Larry Wilcox's character on "CHiPs" was named after him. It is likely that Jon Baker's wife in "CHiPs" '99, Sandy Baker, was named after Rick's sister.

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