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Types of Weapons

California state traffic officers carried a wooden baton 26 inches long, 1.5 inches in diameter, mace and a sidearm. An officer in a patrol car has access to a shotgun. Even if officers may choose their own sidearm in CHiPs all the characters carried a Colt Python while in those years most of the traffic officers had a Smith and Wesson model 66 4 inches or 68 6 inches, issued by the department.

Use of Weapons

Although there are a number of instances when the bad guy has a gun, the episodes "Rainy Day", "Peaks and Valleys", and "Karate" are the only episodes where a CHP officer pulls his weapon. In each of these three times, it's always Baricza.

During the opening theme, Ponch's weapon can be seen in its holster but it's a Smith and Wesson model 10.

In the second version of the Season 6 opening, Bruce is seen target shooting.