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Episode # 526
Air Date May 9, 1982
Briefing Watch out for the James Boys on the Vegas highway.
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Brief Plot

Jon and Ponch are partnered with two dog handlers who are competing for a single job. One of the dogs gets blinded by an explosion, so Ponch tries to prove it can still work. A pair of thieves hold up Vegas-bound buses and rob them.


While Ponch and Jon assist with police dog training, some guys in a truck rob a bus. After the theme, Ponch gets a demonstration of a drug sniffing dog. Meanwhile, Jon watches another officer garden while they talk about his police dog.

On patrol, Ponch and Jenny in unit K-9-1 report to the airport for a narcotics search. When the dog gets the drugs, the pilot who flew them in runs away. Jon's dog officer partner, Sal, sends his dog after him. After the dog catches the guy, Jenny is upset with Sal. After the briefing, Ponch, Jon, Jenny, and Sal go to lunch. Jenny and Sal start arguing. On patrol, Ponch gets Jenny to admit she likes Sal. When a call comes in, Ponch and Jenny with Jon and Sal respond to a bomb threat at a XXX movie theater. Jenny and her dog go inside to search. The dog sets off the (mild) bomb and Jenny is hurt. Jon spots the guy who set the bomb and he, Sal, and his dog go look for him and find him hiding in a school bus.

Later, Sal visits Jenny at the hospital. Ponch and Jon show up a minute later. After lots of asking, Ponch tells her that her dog was blinded. Sal convinces Ponch to take her dog home. Ponch is determined to keep the dog in active duty. After the commercial, the James boys rob another bus and get lots of cocaine from one of the passengers. At the park, Ponch shows Sgt. Honeyton that the blind dog can still work. Honeyton isn't convinced. When Baricza spots the James boys, Jon (on his motor) and Ponch (in his car with the dog) respond.

After Baricza stops because of car trouble, Jon and Ponch search for the truck. Jon figures it went into a garage. When Ponch goes in with the dog, it finds the cocaine and he arrests one of the James boys. The other escapes in the truck and Jon chases him. After the truck speeds by Sal, he joins the chase. When the truck hits some crates, Sal sends his dog after the guy. When the dog corners him, he surrenders. Later, at the hospital, Sal fights with Jenny as she leaves. When Jenny finds out that her dog is still active, she's back to making bets against Sal. As Ponch and Jon leave, they discuss Ponch's chili.

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Fun Facts

  • Playing a sergeant is a bit of come down for John Vernon - in Dirty Harry (1971) he was the mayor!
  • This is actually Randi Oakes, Brodie Greer, and Michael Dorn's last episode because they would not return during Season 6 over a contract dispute.
  • This would be the only episode that feature canine training inside the sheriffs department.
  • This is actually the last episode that features Ponch's Firebird.


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