Fast Money

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Fast Money
Episode # 510
Air Date December 5, 1981
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Brief Plot

A gang of thieves use a van fitted with a car lifting mechanism to rob couriers. Ponch's apartments have been bought up and he can't afford to stay, so the rest of the team try to find a way to stop the development.


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Fun Facts

  • Steve's "perfectly darling mansion" is 94 Fremont Place. It's part of the same gated community as Forbinger's Mansion in Pressure Point. It was last sold in 1981 (around the time this episode was filmed) for $300,000. As of 2020, it's estimated to be worth about 10 times that amount.


  • The van is supposed to have the car off the ground in the opening scene, but in the long shots the car's wheels are on the ground and the van shows no signs of carrying the extra weight on one side.
  • When the van pulls alongside Charlie's car the forks underneath are already visible, but in the close-up they only appear when the lever is pulled.
  • There is no way that even a heavy car could lift the van off the ground with that mechanism.
  • Just before the van and heavy car come to rest they change positions relative to each other several times even though they're supposed to be joined together.

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Fast Money
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