Pressure Point

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Pressure Point
Episode # 216
Air Date January 20, 1979
Briefing none
Title Screen

Brief Plot

A rich businessman, Arthur Forbinger, and his granddaughter Chris become the target of an unscrupulous security firm. Ponch and Jon are placed on security detail. Cahill plays Chris's double. The CHPs lure in the crooks.


Forbinger's Mansion
Cahill doubles for Chris

After a guy on a motorbike (with the help of some cars) breaks the window of a man's limo, his chauffeur speeds after them. Ponch and Jon chase after the speeders as the theme begins. Ponch and Jon pull over the limo and the passenger (Mr. Forbinger) claims the broken glass was an accident. When Ponch and Jon meet up with Sindy, they find broken glass and figure out what happened. Because Mr. Forbinger's granddaughter is threatened, he hires security for her. At a Mexican restaurant, Ponch and Jon try to get the answers from Mr. Forbinger. Even though Jon figures out the plot, he doesn't know it and they get nowhere. Because Mr. Forbinger's an "important" man, Ponch and Jon are assigned to protective services detail. On the streets, the car/motorcycle group tries to corner a truck but Baricza shows up to stop them. When the cars drive off, the truck driver has a heart attack and drives off a cliff. Baricza, Ponch, and Jon go to the man's rescue. Later, Ponch and Jon show up at Forbinger's house. Ponch is posing as a diplomat and Jon as his driver. Soon, Ponch and the granddaughter go for a ride to see who follows them. They pass Grossie and he follows them. Shortly, Grossie pulls over the guy following them for making an unsafe lane change. Ponch returns to Forbinger's house with Sindy posing as the granddaughter. Later, Ponch, Jon, Sindy, and Forbinger head out on the road. It's not long until the cars and motorcycle try to corner them. Jon manages to escape their formation and drives the limo wildly. The CHP shows up and it all comes to an end. Jon apologizes for the rough ride and Mr. Forbinger says he loved it! In the final scene, everyone's glad it's over.

Great Quote

"Baloney, no offense intended." - Ponch to Mr. Forbinger

Guest Stars

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Fun Facts

Ponch and Chris arrive at Central
  • Mary Frances Crosby is the daughter of Bing Crosby. She also played the role of Kristin Shepard on the TV drama, "Dallas." It was Crosby's character who was the answer to the question, "Who shot J.R.?"
  • Gas is 74 cents per gallon.
  • When the pick-up truck driver begins having chest pains he is at the intersection of Whispering Leaves Dr. and Sierra Hwy. in Santa Clarita. View in Google Maps
  • When Ponch and Jon are driving Forbinger's limo, they pass through the intersection of Pershing Dr. and Manchester Ave., which is just to the northwest of LAX.
  • When Chris is reunited with Arthur Forbinger, she arrives with Ponch's arm firmly grasped around her waist. Ponch continues to make eyes at Chris while she is standing with her grandfather. Erik Estrada (b.5/16/49) is more than 10 years older than Mary Crosby (b. 9/14/59), who was 18 years old when the show aired. He also continues his habit of hitting on Cahill, played by Brianne Leary (b. 7/28/57), who is more than 8 years younger than Estrada. Apparently, Ponch has a penchant for younger women.
  • Darrell Justin appears to share an office with the Piermont Ad Agency from Supercycle - the same exterior shots are used for both.
  • Forbinger's Mansion is 61 Fremont Place, part of a gated community between Wilshire and West Olympic Boulevards. The front is now almost hidden by large bushes.


Helmet lights.
  • Set lights are reflected in Jon's helmet.
  • When the cars surround the blue pick-up truck, they have already gone through an underpass. However, when we see a close-up of the driver of the black car (next to the truck) they are just entering the underpass (there is no underpass farther up the road from the first one). When they cut back to a front shot, we see the underpass well off in the distance.
  • The blue pick-up truck driver goes through and is well past the intersection of Whispering Leaves Dr. and Sierra Hwy. They cut to a shot of the truck and he is going through that intersection again. The entire scene cuts back and forth toward the underpass.
Crew Reflection in side of truck
  • Right before the driver jumps out of the blue pick-up, one can see crew members reflections in the side of the truck.
  • The guy who has chest pains is driving a 1978 Ford F-250, but the truck that crashes and explodes is 1967 F-Series - the grilles are completely different.
Replacement Limo
  • When Jon is driving the limo he rams the car in front of him that is trying to box him in. The car that rams the front car is a very different vehicle than what Jon has been driving.
  • When Baricza encounters the truck being cornered, he passes everyone. After the commercial, he's behind the truck.
  • When the guy is shaving in the small mirror, he can't possibly be looking at himself. The angle of the mirror is wrong.
  • When Grossie tries to pull over the guy following Ponch, he's almost on the guy's back bumper!

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