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Rest in peace, Phil. Your insight into the show was greatly appreciated by this site.

Phil Bondelli was born December 10, 1927 in Chicago, Illinois. He was the director for 22 episodes (more than 15%) throughout all six seasons of "CHiPs". He started out as an assistant director on The Mod Squad and quickly made his way to the director's chair. In addition to "CHiPs", he directed several well known television shows, including The Six Million Dollar Man, Charlie's Angels, Fantasy Island, and T.J. Hooker.

In the late 1990's, Phil contacted "CHiPs" Online and provided some background insight into some of the "CHiPs" episodes he directed.

Phil passed away on January 31, 2011 in Mesa, Arizona at age 83.



Assistant Director

  • The Mod Squad - "Eyes of the Beholder" (TV-1972)
  • The Mod Squad - "A Time of Hyacinths" (TV-1970)

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