Satan's Angels

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Satan's Angels
Episode # 407
Air Date December 14, 1980
Briefing ?
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Brief Plot

Bonnie saves some teenage girls from a biker gang, but gets kidnapped in the process. While the CHP officers are out looking for Bonnie, they're also running a sweepstake for when Getraer's wife will give birth.


Jon and Ponch rev up the engines to their microlights and take off from a park, flying over the city. In conversation, we find that Getraer's wife, Betty, is in the hospital for the third time, expecting to deliver their baby. At the hospital, Bonnie is helping Betty into a cab as she leaves – it was a false alarm. Later, Bonnie is patrolling in the hills when a motorcycle recklessly drives by and causes an accident. She pursues the biker to a park, where the rest of his gang is terrorizing two teen girls. Bonnie tries to round them up on her own, but they gang up on her. Back at the other park, Ponch and Jon land their microlights as Grossie arrives. He tells them that Bonnie has been kidnapped.

As the bikers head towards their hideout in the hills, some of them begin to peel off the pack, as they realize they don't want to be associated with the kidnapping. Posted where Bonnie was last seen, Getraer tells the crew that they're on 24-hour shifts. Jon and Ponch get their search assignment when they arrive. At the gang's hideout, the remaining bikers, Reno, Mouse, Big Daddy, and the leader who wasn't with the gang during the kidnapping, Stan, all decide to put Bonnie up for ransom. Meanwhile, Stan's girlfriend, Sheri, fears that Stan will try to fool around with Bonnie.

Jon and Ponch continue searching on their motors, while a helicopter searches from above. Back at the hideout, Sheri is hoping Bonnie will cut Stan some slack, since he's not the one that kidnapped Bonnie, while Reno and Stan plan the ransom scheme. Stan goes outside and tells Mouse and Big Daddy his plan to have the cops bring the ransom there, and his plan of attack. When he goes back inside, Mouse and Big Daddy get nervous and leave.

Ponch and Jon drop by a biker hangout off the freeway and question the gang that is hanging out there. It gets them nowhere. Out in the hills, they see Mouse and Big Daddy roll by on a dirt road below. They make a run for it when Ponch and Jon follow them, then spill out. Back at the hideout, Bonnie's working on convincing Sheri to help her escape when Stan and Reno walk in. He begins to tie her up, since he's going into town, but Sheri talks him out of it.

At the Getraer home, Betty is preparing to go back to the hospital, while at Central, the crew is detaining Mouse and comes up with a plan – Baricza will fly over the area where Ponch and Jon apprehended Mouse and Big Daddy and take pictures. Then, Stan calls, demanding a ransom of $500,000. At the hideout, Bonnie gets into trouble with Reno when she destroys a motorcycle he's working on. Meanwhile, Baricza returns to Central with the aerial photos.

At the hideout, Bonnie, now dressed more sexily in Sheri's clothes, plays nice to Reno after he comes in from trying to fix his motorcycle. While he washes his face, Bonnie makes a run for it. She tries to escape on Stan's 3-wheeler, but she cannot control it. Stan arrives just as she falls off. At Central, the CHPs brainstorm a plan to rescue Bonnie, since ransom payments are against regulations. Everyone disagrees with Jon and Ponch's idea to fly in on microlights, but sure enough, they do it. They land in a space behind the hideout, and try to get in through the back. However, since there's no back door, they have to come through the front. They knock on the front door, and Bonnie answers. When they realize it's the cops, Stan crashes through a window to escape, and Reno and Sheri try to run out the door, but Bonnie stops her while Ponch and Jon hold down Reno to cuff him. A moment later, Ponch takes off after Stan on his 3-wheeler. He, like Bonnie, has a hard time controlling it. As the chase continues, Jon arrives to help his partner, flying a microlight and donning a rope. He uses it to lasso Stan's handlebar and flips him off his bike. Ponch makes the arrest.

At the hospital, Bonnie, Jon and Ponch are outside waiting to hear the news about Betty's delivery. But Betty's coming out of the hospital, right when Getraer arrives. Exasperated with it all, Getraer begins to take her home. The episode ends with freeze frames of everyone bracing themselves, as Betty seems to be going into labor…..again.

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Fun Facts

  • John Quade (Reno) played the hapless leader of the Black Widows biker gang in the Clint Eastwood movies Every Which Way But Loose and Any Which Way You Can. William Smith (Stan) also appeared in Any Which Way You Can as Clint's opponent in the big fight.
  • First credited TV appearance of Heather Locklear.
  • The hospital where Betty Getraer goes is actually the front of the Thalberg Building at the former MGM (now Sony Pictures) studios in Culver City. The rear of the building is also used as a hospital and police station in later episodes.
  • Bonnie starts her pursuit of the biker in the pre-titles sequence at the intersection of Cornell Road and Agoura Road in Agoura Hills. View in Google Maps


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Satan's Angels
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