The Sheik

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The Sheik
Episode # 209
Air Date November 18, 1978
Briefing People shaking down abandoned vehicles. Accepting gifts is prohibited.
Title screen

Brief Plot

Ponch and Jon are frustrated by diplomatic immunity protecting a reckless driver. The son of the sheik offers a bribe. They save a yacht from destruction. They honor a request to show the the son of the sheik what CHPs do.


Barney is pulled over.
Cahill arrives to transport.
Gifts from Barney
Ponch and Jon return the cars.

After Jon loses his cool, Jon bets Ponch can't keep his. Ponch agrees to give Jon a quarter every time he does. Ponch and Jon pull over a speeder who gives Ponch a sore chin and claims that he has diplomatic immunity. Out on the highway, Ponch and Jon find an accident caused by spilled nails in the road. After hanging around, they chase the speeding sheik again. When they check his registration, they find it expired a year ago and impound the car. When the sheik invites them to a party, Ponch and Jon show off their jet-skiing ability. On deck of the boat, Ponch enjoys caviar and cold beer while Jon speaks "lousy French" to some "foxy ladies". The sheik then tries to bribe Ponch and Jon. They're about to leave when they see a boating accident and chase after the runaway boat with jet-skis. Jon saves the unconsious captain while Ponch steers the boat away from the sheik's yacht. After jumping overboard, the boat explodes. Later, Ponch shows off his new apartment (without any furniture) to the sheik's cousin. The next day, Ponch and Jon take sheik Barney out in a cruiser to a junk yard where they show him wrecked cars. Later, they arrive at an accident scene where Ponch has Barney hold an I.V.. After the briefing, Ponch and Jon find that the sheik was giving them each a new Mercedes. They give them back and take a handshake. Later, Ponch and Jon pull over Barney's Ferarri again...with his cousin at the wheel. She was speeding all over their beat to find them...and got tickets from the whole CHP. She had to leave the country and wanted to say goodbye.

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Fun Facts

  • Gas is 62 cents per gallon.
  • The red, white, and blue ambulance that arrives while Barney is holding the IV has "F + B Ambulance" on the side. This ambulance is from the 1976 movie "Mother, Jugs, and Speed".
  • The scene where Barney is pulled over for the first time and arrested was filmed on South Beaudry Avenue. AT&T's microwave tower is visible behind Ponch from one angle, but it's now hidden by other buildings. View in Google Maps
  • The junkyard that Barney is taken to was on Vesta Street, Inglewood, and now seems to be an auto workshop of some sort. The pink building seen opposite belonged to Phil Johnson Engineering, a manufacturer of aircraft tugs. View in Google Maps


  • During the second pursuit of Barney, we see Nichol's Restaurant in the background. As the chase continues, seconds later, we see Nichol's Restaurant in the background again, but they were well past it in the previous shot. Most likely the shots are out of order. We again see the restaurant in the background in a later shot. Had the second shot been placed first, continuity would have been preserved. Nichol's Restaurant is located at 4375 Glencoe Ave. in Marina Del Rey.
  • The jet-ski riders are clearly not Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada in far shots.
  • Ponch and Jon's gift cars have no license plates on when they're driving them.

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