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Brianne Leary as Sindy Cahill

Brianne Banigan Leary (Sindy Cahill) was born on July 28, 1957 in Providence, RI. She is a cousin of Timothy Leary. Leary was a regular cast member on CHiPs during the second season of the show and a few episodes into the third season. Her last on-screen appearance was in the fifth episode of season 3, High Octane. It is not known why she did not continue on CHiPs, although a new female CHP officer, Bonnie Clark, was introduced during the third season. Prior to her work on CHiPs, Leary appeared as a contestant on "Match Game '76."View YouTube video Once she became more well-known, she also appeared as a panelist on Match Game.View YouTube video It is widely believed that Leary is the only person ever to serve as both a contestant and a panelist on the show. Brianne is also the inventor of a product called the Paw Plunger View patent, which she hawked on television. View YouTube video

Starring Roles

  • Black Sheep Squadron (TV-1978) [Nurse Susan Webster]
  • "CHiPs" (TV-1978-79) [Officer Sindy Cahill]
  • Turnover Smith (TV-1980)
  • The Dream Merchants (TV-1980) [Doris Kessler]
  • Off the Wall (1983) [Jenny]
  • Last Call (TV-1994-95) [Co-Host]
  • Walt Disney World Inside Out (TV-1995) [Co-Host]
  • Petsburgh USA (TV-1998) [Host] Watch segment on YouTube
  • Fox Morning News (FOX-10/9/2000 to present) [Entertainment Reporter] (channel 5 in NYC)
  • Good Day New York (TV-? to present) [Correspondent]

Guest Appearances

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