Sindy Cahill

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Sindy Cahill
Actor Brianne Leary
Appears in Season 2 and early 3<ref name="Ep304">Episode 304: "High Octane"</ref> (1978 - 1979)
Call Numbers 7 Charles
Badge Number 4C72

Sindy Cahill is a CHP traffic officer assigned to the Central LA Area Office (southern division), she knows about bio-rhythms<ref name="Ep219">Episode 219: "Bio-Rhythms"</ref> and off-road motorcycles.<ref name="Ep222">Episode 222: "Ride the Whirlwind"</ref> She received a commendation for the capture of the movie car bandits.<ref name="Ep203">Episode 203: "Family Crisis"</ref>

She enjoys riding street motorcycles.<ref name="Ep203" />

Her on the job injuries include a broken shoulder and a concussion received during a car accident<ref name="Ep215">Episode 215: "Mait Team"</ref>, and a sprained ankle received in an off road motorcycle pursuit.<ref name="Ep222" />

Her current whereabouts are unknown.


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