High Times

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High Times
Episode # 613
Air Date January 16, 1983
Briefing ?
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Brief Plot

Muscle cars are being stolen and Ponch and Bobby suspect a link to a local high school, so Bruce goes undercover as a student. A mysterious lady turns up at Central looking for Harlan.


Ponch and Bobby are on patrol when they hear a car alarm. They spot two kids stealing a car and chase after them. They get away after Bobby falls off his motor while avoiding an accident. Following up on a lead, Ponch and Bobby visit an arcade. Unfortunately there are "thousands" of guys who come to the arcade...most from a local prep school. Ponch goes to talk to a former auto-thief who now works in the auto shop at the school. Back at Central, Getraer decides to have Bruce go undercover at the school.

The next day, while Bruce is at school, Ponch and Bobby try to get information on the car thefts from a kid at a car wash. When Bruce leaves school, he's chased by two trucks. Ponch and Bobby finally catch up with Bruce as the trucks get away. They arrest Bruce to make it look good. At the arcade, Bruce learns that the car thieves are the guys that were chasing him. (Duh!) That night, Ponch and Bobby find a kid hot-wiring a car and chase him until he hits a fireworks truck.

Meanwhile, Bruce is at the "Grease Hop" at the school. After Danny Bonaduce gets selected King of the dance, Bruce gets captured by the car thieves. They bring him out into a van (and amazingly it's daylight!) and the auto shop teacher spots them. Ponch and Bobby show up at the right time and chase the van. They arrest the car thief and save Bobby (who is now consious). Everything turns out fine and Harlan is selling appliances in the briefing room.

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Fun Facts

  • The Castle Arcade is Sherman Oaks Castle Park. Ponch and Bobby are quoted tokens at five for a dollar - they're now four for a dollar. View in Google Maps
  • When Bruce first arrives at the school, he gets described as "a real hot dog". This is usually the nickname of his brother, Bobby.
  • Jim Brown (John Casey) previously appeared as Romo in Roller Disco in season 3.
  • This is Danny Bonaduce's fourth and last appearance in CHiPs.


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High Times
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