Fast Company

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Fast Company
Episode # 620
Air Date March 20, 1983
Briefing Ponch & Bruce's stolen car/Zodiac Twins
Title screen

Brief Plot

Ponch gets newly qualified Officer Bruce Nelson as his new partner, and they both head south looking for a guy involved in auto theft. They spot a couple of murder witnesses, but the local sheriff wants them too. He impounds Ponch and Bruce's bikes and attacks them all with tear gas. Back at Central, Getraer gets to babysit the captain's grandson.


Officer Nelson ... Officer Bruce Nelson ... and Ponch are out and spot a stolen car within Bruce's first hour as an officer. When they try to chase it, it ends up in an accident.

At the briefing, we learn that that Bobby Nelson is now Kathy's partner. After the briefing, Bobby gives Bruce his lucky horseshoe keychain.

Ponch and Bruce go 75 miles south to Lone Canyon to follow up on the auto theft.

Meanwhile, Captain Burke drops his grandson off at Central for Getraer to babysit.

At 11:30am, Ponch and Bruce find out their suspect died a few days ago. While getting ready to leave, they notice the "Zodiac Twins", witnesses to a drug-related murder. While in the diner/general store, the local sheriff claims he has a warrant for the twins. When he doesn't get them, he impounds Ponch and Bruce's motors.

Meanwhile, Sarge pawns Captain Burke's grandson off on Harlan.

When Bobby and Kathy find nothing in Juniper, they head for Lone Canyon.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Bolt shoots tear gas into the general store. Ponch and Bruce escape in an old truck. The sheriff and his posse chase the truck ... but wait! Ponch is just carrying manequins! Bruce and the twins free the CHP motors while Ponch leads the sheriff away. Ponch gets on Bruce's motor while a Jeep rams the truck and then it explodes.

Bruce and Ponch head back to pick up the twins and leave Lone Canyon. Bruce wants to stop when he sees a construction crew, but Ponch knows it's a trap. They start driving cross-country to get away from their guns. While Bruce fixes his broken chain, Bobby and Kathy enter Lone Canyon.

Meanwhile, Harlan pawns off the Captain's little brat off on Grossie.

Back in Lone Canyon, Ponch discovers that the sheriff is in on the drug dealing (Duh! Why else would he be after the girls?) Bruce finally fixes his chain by using the lucky horseshoe keychain.

When Ponch and Bruce are on the home stretch, a plane starts buzzing them. When Ponch and Bruce drive under some telephone wires, the plane's engine stops and crash lands. Ponch arrests Sheriff Bolt, who was piloting the plane.

Meanwhile, Grossie turned little Billy over to Webster. Sarge finds Webster tied up in his locker.

The Zodiac Twins (Jeannie and Jan) agree to testify. Bruce tells Ponch he likes helping people. Ponch informs him, "it's only the beginning." (Unfortunately, only two episodes left.The producers never realized that Bruce Penhall and Tom Reilly cannot fill in the big shoes left by Larry Wilcox.)

Guest Stars



Fun Facts

  • William Smith (Sheriff Bolt) previously appeared as Michael Adams in E.M.T. and as Stan in Satan's Angels.
  • The construction crew ambush was filmed on Crown Valley Road, east of Santa Clarita. View in Google Maps


  • It seems odd that one member of a female duo calling themselves the Zodiac Twins is named after Gemini - a sign representing a pair of male twins.
  • Lone Canyon is supposed to be 75 miles south of Los Angeles, yet the bus carrying the Zodiac Twins has "Fresno" on the front, even though it arrives from the same direction as Ponch and Bruce. Fresno is over 200 miles north of Los Angeles.
  • Gold is known as a very soft metal, so would not be much good for fixing a bike chain.

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