Things That Go Creep in the Night

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Things That Go Creep in the Night
Episode # 621
Air Date April 10, 1983
Briefing ?
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Brief Plot

A distressed girl causes a car accident, but can't remember who she is or why she's holding the cover of a comic book. Ponch and Bruce go to check out the eccentric guy who's supposedly behind the "Sea Thing" comics, and think he's hiding something. Grossman is trying to lose weight with a special suit.


Just after Bruce tells Ponch that his aftershave gave his date hives, they respond to a call about a screaming girl. When they arrive, they find an accident including hot tar. She was holding the cover to a "Sea Thing" comic book. At the hospital, Bruce tells Ponch about Sea Thing just before they visit Anna. She has amnesia. Bruce and Getraer try to tell Ponch that it's just an accident and that he shouldn't worry about it anymore. Getraer is easily convinced to let Ponch uncover more.

While Bobby is out checking the neighborhoods for information on the girl, he notices someone stealing a car. Ponch and Bruce join Bobby in the chase. When they catch the guy, they find Anna's wallet.

Next, Ponch and Bruce go to the home of the creator of the Sea Thing to ask him about the comic book cover. He's a weirdo. Ponch and Bruce find him acting suspicious. When Anna is released from the hospital, she goes to stay with Kathy.

When Anna is at Central with Kathy, Mr. Woods (the Sea Thing creator) calls Central using the nurse's voice so he can get Kathy's address. Ponch and Bruce's next stop is Elvira's comic shop. She points out that theirs is different from the original.

Back at Central, Getraer is on his way home when he realizes that it's cold inside. Grossie turned on the air conditioning because his new sauna suit is hot.

That night, Anna and Kathy are on the beach when Kathy gets a phone call and leaves Anna alone on the beach. As Ponch and Bruce arrive at Kathy's, Anna is being attacked by the Sea Thing. Ponch runs into the water to wrestle the Sea Thing. It gets away.

The next day, Anna swears her mom's alive. Getraer agrees to dig up the body. When Ponch and Bruce visit Elvira again, she says that their cover is the real original.

Later, everyone visits the morgue. Ponch helps open the casket. All that's in it is a fake head that shatters when exposed to the air. Ponch, Bobby, and Bruce search Woods' house and find nothing.

At Kathy's, Anna answers the phone and believes it's her mother. She fakes getting a shower and sneaks out the window. When she goes to see her mother, she discovers it's really Woods in drag. When Ponch, Bruce, and Bobby arrive at Woods', he tells the whole story of how he locked up Anna's mom to take credit for creating the Sea Thing. When Ponch tries to arrest him, he turns out to be a hologram. The real Mr. Woods is escaping in his hearse. The CHP chases him and arrests him after the hearse rolls onto the beach.

At the CHP's little party back at Central, Grossie has his sauna suit on under his uniform. Bruce suggests that he model for a new super-hero ... Blimpman. Everyone has a good laugh as the credits roll.

Great Scene

Grossie as "Blimpman".

Special Guest Star

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Fun Facts

  • Kelly Palzis (Anna) is better known as Kelly Preston. She was married to John Travolta from 1991 until her death in 2020.
  • At the opening accident, Ponch and Bobby turn onto Napoleon street, but it looks like they filmed the crash on one of the neighboring desolate streets of Surfridge (between LAX and the ocean). The area is now like a ghost town, with the streets and sidewalks still in place, but no houses and no access to the public. View in Google Maps
  • Mr. Woods lived at the Malibu Castle or Castle Kashan. It was built by a local doctor in the late '70s and belonged to "Princess" Lilly Lawrence when it burned down in the 2007 Malibu fires. View in Google Maps


  • In the accident at the beginning of the show, Ponch carries the girl out of the middle of the street. It's a good thing she doesn't have a spinal injury.
  • After Grossie tells Ponch where the key goes to, Ponch and Bruce leave the report room to greet Anna. Someone must have bumped the set wall at that point. The lights in the well secured window move. (Or maybe it was just a very localized earthquake...)
  • Don't you think Elvira would have better things to do than run a comic store?
  • When Getraer puts the milk back in the fridge, the shelf breaks.
  • When Ponch wrestles the Sea Thing, Kathy and Bruce (two trained CHP officers) just stand on the beach and watch.
  • After Anna gets in the car with Woods acting as her mother, she doesn't run...she just cowers in the seat. That doesn't seem right.
  • When Ponch is about to arrest Woods in his house, he turns out to be a hologram and Ponch puts his hand through him. If he isn't solid, then why can he open the door for them and make a noise when he slaps the chair? The technology for "The Doctor" from Star Trek: Voyager isn't even close to reality and "CHiPs" isn't supposed to be science fiction.
  • In the opening crash, the white pickup and tar trailer are already present when the yellow El Camino jumps the other cars, but in the next shot the white pickup is seen arriving and the El Camino is missing.

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Things That Go Creep in the Night
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