Bomb Run

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Bomb Run
Episode # 507
Air Date November 15, 1981
Briefing ?
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Brief Plot

CHP is setting up a recruitment stand at an airshow when an old girlfriend of Baricza's drops in with her father in a vintage plane. Baricza senses something is not quite right, but doesn't realize they plan to use their aerial show as a cover for a robbery.


After Ponch gets flying lessons from Jon, the rest of the CHP prepares for an air show. Baricza meets up with old friends of his while Grossie and Turner keep complimenting each other on their CHP booth. Later, everyone finds Baricza's friends suspicious and investigate them. Although there's no evidence to support their suspicions, they stay alert. While one crook drops bombs in an airshow simulation, other crooks bomb open the airport safe. Baricza realizes an explosion's not an echo and runs toward it with Bonnie. When the crooks try to run, they see their car being removed from an illegal spot. They steal a car and Baricza and Bonnie are after them. Jon and Ponch take to the air and chase the crooks. When the pilot crook falls unconsious, Ponch climbs down a rope ladder into the crooks' plane and takes control. After bouncing, he lands the plane safely.

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Fun Facts

  • Brion James (Monk) played Ackerman in Drive, Lady, Drive.
  • Art Scholl was a top aerobatic pilot who died while filming a stunt for Top Gun (1985). He moved his company to Miro Field (sometimes called Rialto Municipal Airport) in 1978 and staged several successful airshows there (including the one in this episode). After his death, Miro Field was renamed Art Scholl Memorial Field in his honor. His company still operates from there. View in Google Maps
  • The Tiger Moth seen here (A17-695) is an ex-RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) bi-plane that belonged to Art Scholl Aviation. As of 2010 it was being restored in Canada.
  • Randi Oakes and Ed Nelson had once starred in Acapulco Gold together back in 1976, and had a chance to reunite during the filming of this episode.


  • Terri's father mispronounces Bear's name as Barry Barisca. Considering he used to work with Bear's father and Terri used to date Bear, you'd have thought he would get it right!
  • The announcer says the reconstruction is going back "to the very beginning of aerial combat, 1915, the First World War". The first Tiger Moth didn't fly until October 1931, about 13 years after the First World War ended.
  • The explosives on the safe are placed around the door handle, yet blow the door clean off without damaging the briefcase inside.
  • When the yellow car is lifted by the helicopter (why?), daylight can be seen where the engine should be.

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