Diamond in the Rough

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Diamond in the Rough
Episode # 508
Air Date November 22, 1981
Briefing ?
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Brief Plot

Pat, a friend of Getraer's son, is involved in a car accident with his mother, and the Getraers take him in while his mother recovers in hospital. The other car drove off because the occupants are planning a robbery and don't want to wait around for the police. Meanwhile, Jon calls a friend in Las Vegas to try and trace Pat's father.


Jon responds to an accident involving Pat, a friend of Getraer's son, Timmy. Meanwhile, a black car that sped away from an accident is seen in a garage while the occupants seem to be plotting something illegal. Getraer is seen visiting Pat in the hospital. Later on, we can figure out that a complex bank robbery is being planned.

At the Getraer home, it's decided that Pat can stay there. The hit and run car is finally found and the driver arrested. Pat's dad, Bill McGuire, is tracked down and comes in from Las Vegas...but Pat has run away. Steve finds Pat on his way to the hospital to see his mom and arrests him for "Grand Theft Moped". He instructs him to walk to the hospital where he meets his dad.

The bank robbers get deeper into their plans and the CHP is on the move. As the bank alarm goes off, there's a major traffic accident nearby. While the LAPD takes care of the accident, Jon and Steve chase the robbers' car. In a classic truck-backing-into-an-alley scene, they crash into the truck and are arrested. Back at Getraer's house, Sarge knocks over a rock collecting case and everyone laughs.

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Fun Facts

Crash at 4th & Wall
  • The crash at the beginning was filmed on Beverwil Drive. View on Google Maps
  • The bank robbers meet at the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel, now called the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, on Pershing Square. View on Google Maps
  • Steve waits for Pat to arrive on the moped in front of the Valley General Hospital sign used in several previous episodes, but the sign has been moved to a completely different location. This time it's on 7th street outside The Ambassador Hotel. The hotel was demolished in 2005, and the site is now part of the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools complex (Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in the hotel). The intersection was previously used in Hot Wheels.
  • Two of the car crashes during the robbery were filmed from different angles at the same intersection. A few of the buildings at 4th and Wall can still be recognized. View in Google Maps
  • In the same crash sequence, the shot of the car hitting the blue van is recycled from Christmas Watch.


  • The crooks appear to have an accurate street map, but the location they point to as a bank is actually Macy's Plaza.

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Diamond in the Rough
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