Andy Macedon

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Andrew Macedon
Actor Lewis Van Bergen
Appears in Season 4 episode "Karate" Season 5 episode "A Threat of War"
Call Numbers N/A
Badge Number N/A

Andrew "Andy" Macedon is ex-convict friend of Ponch and Jon's who was convict for several counts of burglary, and has served time in prison.[1][2] He now owns a car wash, and a restaurant.[2] He used to drive a 1979 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, and was known to have worn a beard during the time that he was a crime boss that was constantly getting kids into trouble.[1] He now drives a 1982 Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse [W126].[2]

He was always a couple years older than him and used to beat up on Ponch "just to loosen up his knuckles."[1]

He once hired some kids to break into Ponch's Trans Am in order to steal a CB Radio, and a set of American Racing Hurricane Turbines including the BF Goodrich Radial TA Tires.[1] He was later found having lunch in a restaurant, and agreed to some important questions about the kids.[1] After he agreed to answer some questions then loses his temper, and flips a plate upside-down then smashes it with his fist.[1] After he hired some kids to break into a Datsun during the bust his trainee Billy Rogers had gotten into a fight with Baricza by knocking him on the ground several times.[1] That night when Ponch was giving Karate lessons when he decided to show up and to pick a fight, and call it a night after he was turned down.[1] That night in one of his restaurants he had hired Rivas as a driver after getting him fired as a parking lot attendant.[1] That night when Ponch had shown up at one of his secret meetings at Lucy's Drive In, and refused an order to leave town which means having to get into his Cadillac.[1] After refusing to leave town he started a street fight with Ponch.[1] He had started off by kicking Ponch in the crotch, and knocking him on the ground.[1] He had hit Ponch in the face, and knocking him down again.[1] When Ponch managed to turn things around by hitting Andy in the face, and punching him in the stomach.[1] He had hit Ponch in the face, and knocked him on the ground one more time.[1] When Ponch had gotten back up off the ground, and had kick him in the face now knocking him into the hood of his Cadillac.[1] One of gang members had tossed him a bō, and he had managed to knock Ponch on the ground which will be the last time.[1] Jon now arrived with Teri to watch the fight between them, and manages to watch Ponch take the bō from him by knocking him on the ground once again.[1] Another gang member had tossed him a sai after Ponch taken the bo from him.[1] After Ponch had used the bo in order to knock the sai out of his hands, and one of the kids had accidentally tossed him a nunchaku.[1] One of the kids had tossed Ponch a tonfa. Ponch uses the tonfa to take the nunchaku out his hands.[1] Ponch first uses the nunchaku, and then later decides drops the nunchaku and uses good old fashioned karate to beat the crap out of him.[1] After being defeated by allowing himself to get knocked on the ground by Ponch for the final time.[1] After trying to get back up off the ground, and managed to grab the bo because he wanted to win the fight against Ponch.[1] Jon had beaten him to punch first, and using a pair of Cowboy Boots to knocked the bo out of his hands.[1] Both Teri and Rivas had agree to testify against him, and he was soon arrested by Jon that same night.[1] After he was arrested by Jon causing several gang members lookup to Ponch by walking out of the drive in.[1]