A Threat of War

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A Threat of War
Episode # 522
Air Date March 21, 1982
Briefing A gang leader challenges Ponch to a karate match.
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Brief Plot

Ponch talks about being part of a gang called Clone Condoras years ago before there was violence. Andy Macedon challenges Ponch to a karate rematch at the Oak Street Youth Center. Turner is trying to sell trees.


Ponch and Jon are on patrol once again Ponch's old neighborhood admiring the artwork of Carlos Aguila. Jon asks who is Carlos Aguela. Ponch mentions the local Rembrandt the guy with lot of talent, and also the leader of the street gang Clono Condoras. Jon goes oh yeah very heavy that the gang use to belong to yah right. Ponch goe years ago before violence when Carlos was just a baby, and his sister Rosa she was crazy about me. Jon asks what happen. Ponch mentions that she wanted a lasting commitment but I was too young, and I was only 13. Jon asks how old was she. Ponch mention 8 going on 9.

All of a sudden an all black with silver hood, and louvers Chevrolet Camaro speeds around the corner from out in the middle of nowhere, and cuts off a yellow Coronet. Both Ponch and Jon have to cut the break short, and take off turning on their police sirens, and start chasing the car. The car speeds by where is road work, and quickly turns around the corner, and now cutting off baby blue LTD, also turning another corner. Ponch and Jon are now forced to ride by the road work while still in pursuit, and now quickly turning the corner, and another corner. The car quickly turns again aroud the corner, and so do Ponch and Jon. The car now drives through the narrow to go park underneath the bridge. The two guys are now practicing martial arts with their bo's, also the two other guys get out of the car, and began to run.

Ponch and Jon arrive at the spot, and now stop and get off their bikes. Both Ponch and Jon now start walking towards the four gang members. Billy Rogers now whistles, and more members of the gang show up carrying their weapons. Billy does his martial arts move by twrilling his tonfa, and says remember me. Jon now sees Billy by the move he is doing, and all of sudden has a flashback where Baricza tells them to get down on the ground, but Billy fights back. He's taking quite a beating and knocked back onto his cruiser. He rolls off just before the van backs into his cruiser. Baricza keeps fighting, but gets knocked on the ground. Finally, he pulls his gun on Billy. After the flashback Jon says drop the chops Billy. Billy now drop his chops. Ponch now tells Billy to turn around, and put your hands on your head. The other member of both gangs go over to side where Jon is standing. Billy now turns around, and Ponch puts the handcuffs on him. Another gang member smarts off his big mouth by saying how are you going to get him out of here. The other gang members are looking at Ponch and Jon even through there still holding up their weapons.

Then members from gang called Clono Condoras arrive, and Billy just looks straight back at them. Ponch mentions to Jon that this is Carlos. Jon goes oh you already told me. Ponch now says Carlos it looks like you crash the party. Carlos now calls Ponch you got business cono darrel. Billy mentions if your looking me get out of here but don't hurry. A stranger now whistles who is actually the clean shaved ex-con just out on parole by the name of Andy Macedon decides to just shows up while walking the streets with his aviator sunglasses on, and kicks the weapon. Ponch now sees Andy for the first time, and has a flashback about that night he show up at Andy Macedon's secret meeting. Andy starts a fight with Ponch. Ponch starts off taking a beating. When turns the tide, someone hands Andy a bo. Ponch knocks the bo out of his hands and Andy gets sai while Ponch takes the bo. After Ponch knocks the weapons out of Andy's hands, someone tosses nunchaku to him. Ponch uses a tonfa to take the nunchaku from Andy. Ponch drops the nunchaku and uses good old fashioned karate to beat the crap out of Andy.

After the flashback Ponch now looks at Andy. Andy now walks over, then pats one of the boys on the back, and now mentions Poncherello, Baker, and Billy Rogers like old times isn't that right Billy. Jon asks Andy when did you get out. Andy says a month too soon now introducing himself as Andy Macedon, and asks Ponch what are you doing here giving my boys a hard time now taking off his sunglasses. Ponch mentions that we were on are motorcycles when we seen a speeding car, and pushes Billy. Billy now smarts off by saying go back to where you came from Andy this ain't your turf anymore. Jon says don't move to the other gang member. Ponch and Andy along with the other members of the gang smart looking at Billy.

Baricza now arrives in his cruiser, and gets out. Bonnie is arriving for backup in her cruiser, and turns right to go down the narrow bridge now stops to get out, now runs to backup. Carlos now says your a dog your all dogs. Billy now smarts off by saying you don't have a green card. Carlos says you are now pigs right. Andy now goes what are we talking about war because pictures are on the wall, and calls them stupid about anybody or what. Billy now says nobody hears you Andy. Ponch goes now look about some irony. Carlos now mentions about these karate creeps, and when they leave we start up again smashed up our windows they rip us off, louse up are street. Billy now mentions back not us creeps animal. Jon now says you want a war will call are troops in, and will win, and other wise drop your weapons and go home or you go to jail. Andy now tells both the gangs to drop their weapons, and go home.

Ponch says beat it, and hi Carlos now looks at him. Carlos and Cono Condoras soon walk away. Ponch now says bye Carlos. Billy's gang now drops weapons, and soon also follow by walking away. Ponch soon gives Baricza the tonfa. Baricza goes hello Billy playing with these. Billy says better than ever would you like a demonstration. Baricza now grabs Billy and walks away. Bonnie goes look I came for backup, and walks away to her cruiser to drive off. Jon now calls in a vehicle for impound. Andy asks Ponch if your keeping up. Ponch now goes you forgot. Andy mentions the last time we met you beat me, and what I want to remember, also maybe I want a rematch. Ponch now tells that I didn't mean it, and walks away.

Back at Central in the breakroom where Harlan and Grossie are playing a game of gin rummy in the breakroom until Turner walks in with a plant inside a box. Turner now asks does anyone care for a tree a baby tree. Grossie says 83. Turner says take your choice. Harlam now tells Turner this is not the time, and gin rummy is only a game when the players get seriously enough to play well also that I am trying to consintrate, and this is not the time. Turner now apoligzes, and walks out. Harlan now starts talking about the tree anyway, and didn't you hear Turner. Grossie goes what tree. Harlan now mentions didn't you hear Turner. Grossie now goes Turner. Harlan now tells Grossie your know that your very intense when your losing.

Turner is now in staff room trying to offer the tree to Getraer, Bonnie, and Baricza by saying there babies now but they grow pretty fast, and if anybody wants one. Ponch and Jon now arrive. Ponch is just saying it's just pleasure. Getraer now tell Ponch and Jon that he just has been waiting for you. Jon mentions Billy Rogers out on bail. Getraer mentions the wheels of justice, and Billy's benafacture Andy Macedon he the person payed cashed. Ponch and Jon now walk out.

Andy now takes Billy after bailing him out of jail to the Cocktail Lounge in his brand new Mercedes-Benz but decide to sit in the car and talk. Billy goes look you said this was going to be my town, and the competion between us is Carlos and those Condoris also it you now too, and I'm warning you that were all alone. Andy now mentions to Billy that the old way didn't work, and that I got new plans, and I want you to listen. Billy says but Andy you can't buy me, and stay out of my way. Andy now says but will find a new way. They now get out of the car.

While off duty Ponch and Jon are now decide to drive over Rosa's house in his car. Rosa is now outside watering her plants with her green/white watering can. Ponch now gets out of his car, and greets Rosa in spanish by saying Elena Guatra Francisa So Pole. Rosa now says Francisco oh Ponch, and quickly runs overs to give Ponch a big hug. Ponch now mentions Rosa oh Rosa, and mentions to Jon didn't I tell you she was beautiful. Jon now introduces himself to Rosa. Rosa mentions everytime Ponch comes around he doesn't give me any warning. Ponch now tells Rosa one that I'm coming back to take you to dinner tomorrow. Rosa now mentions something in spanish. Ponch now goes already running my life, and begins to laugh. Rosa now offers to let both Ponch and Jon to come inside the house, and have of some coffee.

Ponch and Jon now go inside the house. Ponch now explains to Jon this was orginally the family home until the father died, and the mother took some of the younger kids back to Ahoka, and she was one terrific lady. Rosa now enters the room, and interupts Ponch by asking is my brother in trouble. Ponch mentions no but well. Rosa mention before you tell me. Ponch goes well okay. Rosa mentions that he told me you saw him yesterday that why you came. Ponch goes okay you now tell me is Carlos in trouble. Rosa mention you know what did they did to his mural is that right, and he didn't come home all night that means he either painting or fighting, and since you broke up the fight. Jon asks where's he painting. Rosa mentions I don't know, and the mural they semed is somewhere near the Youth Center somewhere on Oak Street.

Meanwhile at the Youth Center where Sherron Duke is now teaching an excersize class while listening to music, and explaining the steps to the other excersizers. Sherron finally loses her consentation, and her patients now turning off the music, now walks over the ring where Billy and his gang are using weapons. Sherron now says I told you characters now weapons allowed, and you could either decide or get out and stay out. Billy now out of disrespected goes or come on teacher. Sherron now goes Billy. Billy now goes hold hold it when Ponch and Jon walk into the room. Billy now gives the weapons to Ponch, and says can somebody use these. Ponch mentions that I'm cool, and I'm surprised to see you hanging out here Billy. Billy now mentions that we hang out where were happy in case you guys don't know it, and this is the guy who brought Claude in. Ponch now mentions better than hands. Billy mentions step up in the rings and showed them how. Ponch now goes look. Billy says I don't think so.

Jon is now having a conversation with Sherron. Sherron now tells your not gonna find manny hispanics vhere, and maybe a little girl now and then, and not about those Condoras. Jon mentions that we can't have gang rivalries intefer. Sherron now gets very snotty at Jon by going whoa, and wait a minute backup when you guys came in here last year, and clean it up, also I know what your thinking your hoping that your blessing would purge the neighborhood. Jon now mentions we tought we started something good here. Sherron now goes oh yes you did, also your ways, and what happed to the follow up, and I though senerity is not an option. Ponch now walks over to Jon. Jon now tells Ponch that Andy Macedon has never been there but Carlos never is here. Sherron mentions please the last thing I need is another emotional hit and run it's eith you come and agonize with me or go, I'll see you guys, and walks off.

Meanwhile outside the Youth Center unaware of first grade boys which are a set indentical twins who apparently decided to skipped elementary school today who are now throwing rocks at the doors trying to break the windows, first by knocking down the sign, also they finally manage to knock the glass out of the window without even breaking it, and they now start to run around the corner.

Carlos is now repainting his mural on the wall which Billy had wrecked by spraying it with can of red paint. Andy now drives his car, and decides to stop and see Carlos. Andy now gets out of his car, and now complimenting Carlos on mural by saying the top half looks just fine, and the time you finished it will look just as good as new, and I've been checking and I found a lot of walls you can paint. Carlos now asks Andy what is it anyhow because Billy's got your old gang, and maybe you can make points with me to win over those Condoras. Andy now mentions to Carlos you think your too small, and walks over to give him some to buy some supplies, and I'm going to find a doner. Carlos now tells Andy the guy must be a kicker. Andy now tells Carlos to cool it with Billy until I find out that he comes around, and come on I'll buy that mural.

Ponch and Jon now arrive walking the streets around the center now seeing Andy giving money to Carlos. Andy now mentions to Ponch and Jon your not just throwing people out, and but people look a like lot people, and what's happen. Jon now mentions to Andy that were looking for Carlos. Andy now mentions to Ponch and Jon don't hassel him he's cool. Jon now mentions your cool is neccassarly are cool, and what's the money for. Carlos now mentions that Andy had hired me to paint a mural for him, and now greets Ponch in spanish. Ponch now goes well Andy. Andy now mentions to the finer city, and he'll take any wall painted with pictures and dirty words. Ponch now mentions that we want to talk you about the rumble yesterday. Andy now mentions forget about it Ponch, and the Condoras are at peace right Carlos. Carlos now goes yeah right for now, and I made a deal with Mr. Macedon. Andy now mentions that you guys got a car someplace, and I'll give you a lift come on I'm driving insured. Ponch and Jon now walk off with Andy to his car.

Meanwhile Andy is driving Ponch and Jon back to the Youth Center. Ponch now mentions that Carlos is loaded with talent, and a little reconignition will get him off the streets so Andy personally from me to you, and talk about. Andy now mentions that you got the attitude of a cop, and you know that, and whatever I do is rotten and whatever I say is a lie, and I'm reabilitated man, and did you have any faith in the prison system.

Now back at the Youth Center. Andy now mentions that a year ago I had these gangs working together run a racket, and if I say I payed my debt, and I'm not greedy anymore and I'm jiving nice I'll tell you what you want to hear. While buying a cup of coffee out the machine Andy now mentions that I'm going to be boss again, and your going to help me. Ponch mentions help you. Andy goes let's start with Billy Rogers. Ponch now goes isn't that the monster you created Andy. Andy now goes yes what he was, and when you set me up you created what he is, and you had that gang convinced that you could take me out just like you did, Ponchy your wired in man, and I wasn't kidding I want that rematch. Jon now goes no way. Andy now goes in there in the ring by the rules a free style karate match. The boxers are now looking at Andy. Andy now mentions seven o'clock tomorrow night. Ponch now walks away smiling, and laughing. Andy now goes Ponchy I got you babe, and you don't if I'm coning you or the tiger is changing the stripes, and just something you got find out. Ponch now walks out. Jon now mentions there's now he going to play your game. Andy is now drinking his coffee. Jon now walks off.

Meanwhile back at Rosa's house where Carlos is putting his brushes in the basket. Rosa now mentions how do you know this is not a trick to get the Condorases to crap, and first Poncherello gets mixed up in a fight like that, also who knows Andy Macedon, and maybe alone Macedon wants to get you killed. Carlos now mentions oh mine saw all my life I been hearing talk be good work hard, and don't you get yourself killed one man may make cash money on it for Macedon. Rosa now mentions for painting or for fighting. Carlos now mentions for painting today I'm not fighting today. Carlos now carrying basket while walking away, and tonight I'm going to find out about tomorrow.

Now back on the streets where Billy's gang is now practicing fighting. Billy now goes hey hey hey come here. The two gang members now stop fighting. Billy now mentions alright good job, and starts giving out money. Billy now mentions that it's more likely if we hit the stereo shop, and passing it around. One of the other gang members that Macedon had called about the truth, and don't know about the Condorases and sit with them tonight. Billy now mentions sure we got them there, and well see what happens, and then we decide if we let them out. The gang now starts laughing.

The next morning Ponch and Jon pull into Central on their bikes, and another patrol car decides to pull out. Ponch and Jon now walk into the staff room where Bonnie is sitting right next to Baricza. Bonnie now mentions what's this about you fighting Macedon. Ponch now asks Bonnie where did you hear about that. Bonnie now mentions the Sherron Duke had called me from the Youth Center, and asked me what I knew. Jon now mentions theres nothing to know there won't be a match. Grossie now enters the room. Bonnie now goes fighting doesn't make any sense. Baricza now mentions it does to Macedon if he can beat Ponch he's a hero again, and if you think Ponch is scared. Bonnie now goes what if he though and won. Jon now mentions I've been telling you there won't be a fight. Ponch now mentions now I know what Andy ment when he said I was wired in, and he is spreading the word that he's calling me out. Grossie now mentions that Getraer he wants to see you both.

Now in Getraer's office. Jon now explains believe me Ponch didn't ignoliged the challenge he just laughed and walked away. Getraer now goes okay, and Macedon's choice of money in lajit because he still in the carwash and a houseside restaurant, and his parole officer said his prison conduct is good, and he's behaving, and what we have is mister nice, and all the symptoms of wised uped crooks, and he's trying to graduate from street crime to the upper exalot. Ponch now asks Getraer why does he want a rematch. Getraer now mentions even a grudge, and by fair means probally a foul by light if your ignoring it. Ponch now goes well the old way is the survival instinct sarge, and what gets me everytime, and don't worry about a thing. Ponch now walks out of the office. Getraer now goes alright Jon were going to fight him. Jon now tells Getraer that he's going home to take a shower, and forget about it so bye, and walks out of the office. Getraer now goes wait a second.

Tonight at the Youth Center where a crowd of kids start walking in the doors, and theres two cars parked outside. Grossie is now inside behind the entrace, and Baricza now arrives. Baricza now asks Grossie what's your excuse. Grossie mentions I happen to think your crazy. Grossie and Baricza now in through the enterance together as Harlan now walks in, and stops at the enterance. Another man now taps Harlan on the back while they walk through the enterance. Harlan now walks over to Getraer, and goes hi I throught you would like what I'm doing here. Getraer now mentions five after seven I throught I knew Frank, and at least Jon knows him better.

Billy now walks in through the enterance, and points his finger at Carlos, and says it's tonight I let you in a fter that it's you and me, and after that it's me, and walks away. Billy and his gang start walking towards their seats. Bonnie is actually sitting right to her friend Sherron. Andy is now in the ring dressed in a all black karate outfit, and decides to give a speech by mentioning give me your attention here all you bright shiny faces coming here because you think I have a score to settle but your right, and the problem is you don't know the score. Billy's gang now looks at Andy. Andy mentions that I wanted to fight to teach you on these streets because I walk them everyday. Both Harlan and Getraer are leaning on the ring. Andy now mentions Poncherello he don't have to do that.

Ponch and Jon now arrive at the enterance. Ponch is now white karate outfit with a black belt, also boxing tape on his hands, and is wearing red shoes. Both Billy's gang, also Andy, and Carlos and the Condoras now look at Ponch. Ponch and Jon now walk through the enterance. Jon now walks over to Getraer. Getraer now looks at Jon. Jon now mentions you know how he is. Getraer now goe ahah. Ponch now steps into the ring, and walking towards Andy for the match. Andy now mentions Ponch you know how to punchline. Ponch now mentions to Andy you sure miss prison. Andy now mentions back to Ponch I think I'm ready.

Ponch now takes a look, and the bell now starts to ring, and Andy starts kneeling on the pray. Ponch now starts to take a look at the gangs, and is now giving his speech by mentioning I like to see the Condoras, and Billy's gang, and some guys from other gangs all in one room, and nobody fighting, and what does it take to get you guy together huh, and you think your going to see somebody killed. Both Billy's Gang and Condoras are now looking at Ponch. Ponch now mentions that this is no kids game up here, and watch and live with what you see. Ponch now mentions to Andy now I'm ready. Andy now mentions never pull your mouth again, and gets off the floor.

Andy now walks over the his corner, and Ponch is now in his corner. The Referee now offers both Ponch and Andy some boxing glove. Both Ponch and Andy decline the boxing gloves, and the referee now walks away to put the boxing gloves back into the corner. The referee now gets Ponch and Andy to greet each other by doing a bow together.

The fight now starts with Ponch and Andy now getting into a warrior mode, and the refree now walks into his corner. Andy now starts off by kicking Ponch by using his foot really hard three times, and then grabbing him against the tight ropes to try to throw him. The refree now has come, and break it up, and manages to get them back to the corners. Both Ponch and Andy now back into a warrior mode. Andy now tries to kick Ponch really hard, and accidently misses him. Ponch now kicks Andy also by using his foot really hard. Both Ponch and Andy now grabbing each other. The referee now has to break it up again, and them back into their corners. Both Ponch and Andy once again are in the warriors mode. Ponch now decide to kick Andy once again by using his foot, and kicks him three times really hard into the tight ropes. Andy now surrenders by looking at Ponch's red shoe, and decides to get up. Ponch and Andy now back into the warrior mode.

They now start trying to punch each other with their fists. Andy now tries push Ponch against the tight ropes. Ponch now starts to kick Andy really hard by using his foot once again. Andy now kick Ponch back really hard by using his foot. Ponch now punch and kicks Andy really hard by using his fist and his foot. Andy now knocks Ponch onto the ground. Ponch now surrenders to Andy. Andy now picks Ponch off the ground with Jon looking at him. Andy now decides to Ponch by twrilling him around by using his foot. Ponch now decides to punch Andy by using his fists, and kicking him with by using his foot, and spins around, and kicks him again. Andy now kicks Ponch twice back over to the tight ropes by using his foot,a nd kicks him again. Ponch now hits Andy with his fists.

The fight now gets instenced with Ponch still punching Andy over and over again, and now decides to Andy by using his foot,a nd kick him again. Ponch is still hitting Andy with his fists. Andy now hits Ponch with his fists. Both Ponch and Andy are still taunting each other fighting some more. Ponch now back with his fists still cocked. Andy now wants to try to slap Ponch with his hand, and kicks him once again by using his foot. Ponch is still punching Andy with his fists, and kicks him once again by using his foot. Andy tries to kick Ponch once again by using his foot, and punches him some more by using his fists. Ponch now decides Andy back by using his fists. Andy fists are still cocked, and knocks Ponch right back onto the ground. Ponch now surrenders to Andy by using his red shoes, and decide to get off the ground.

Ponch and Andy now start up again while to the first grade twins now decide to walk out. Ponch now knocks Andy onto the ground but almost trips. Andy now decides to get up, and Ponch back onto the ground once again. Ponch now decides to get, and fight Andy some more. Ponch is still punching Andy with his fists. Andy now kicks Ponch really hard by using his foot twice. Ponch now to start Andy once again by using his foot. Both Ponch and Andy now fall onto the ground, and their now both happy. The referee now has Ponch and Andy back into their corners. Both Ponch and Andy now decide to take a bow. The referee now has Ponch and Andy shake hands, and then decides to hold up both their hands by ending the fight in a draw.

The crowd now cheers and claps including Grossie and Baricza. Billy now looks at them. Everyone else is now clapping and cheering except for Jon. Jon now decides to walk away. Getraer now goes well I'll be running along. Harlan now goes now I'll be cool, and acted like your bored. Getraer now walks off. Everyone else of the gangs are leaving except Billy and his friend. Andy now mentions did anyone get the point. Ponch now mentions maybe I did, and but I'm not sure. Andy now mentions come to the house for dinner tomorrow night, and I'll lay out anything. Ponch now goes alright. Jon now mentions now tell me something is that according to plan. Andy now mentions I told you never improvise, and walks away. Jon now asks Ponch did either one of you fake it. Ponch now mentions no he could of killed me. Jon now mention you know if he could of beaten you, and why didn't he. Ponch now mentions I don't know, and I rather explain why he didn't.

Now outside in the parking lot at the Youth Center where the first grade twins are smashing out the windows on Billy's car with their baseball bats. Getraer and Grossie now walking out of the building about to go into the parking. The first grade twins now finally decide to smash the windshield. Both Getraer and Grossie hear and see the first grade twins smashing out the windows on Billy's car, and decide to take cover. The first grade twins now decide to run for it. Billy now screams my car they wrecked my car. Billy and his friend now want to chase them but is restrained by Getraer and Grossie. Bonnie and Baricza now decide to run after the first grade twins. The first grades twins decide to climb into a Ford LTD but are unable to start it. Bonnie and Baricza now to the car. Baricza now says hold it don't start that car. Bonnie now tells them get out. Bonnie and Baricza now open up the doors on the car. Baricza now grabs the one in the drivers seat. Baricza now mentions relax calm will you take it easy. Bonnie now grabs second in the passengers seat. Bonnie now says let's go. Bonnie now mentions their just babies. Getraer and Grossie are still restaining Billy and his friend. Getraer now mentions to Billy calm down will handle it. Billy now mentions to Getraer but somebody's gonna get killed sure, and now decides to look at Carlos.

Now back inside the Youth Center where the first grade twins are now being escorted by Bonnie and Baricza to the office to call to their parents at home. Andy now mentions to Carlos we had a deal man no fighting. Carlos now tells Andy nobody did any fighting. Andy now tells Carlos that no fight means no trouble you know that, and your promise ain't worth nothing man, and get out of here before they let Billy go. Andy now walks away. Carlos now asks Ponch are your gonna take the kids home. Ponch now mentions tonight tomorrow juvenile hall. Carlos now mentions don't blame them. Ponch now mentions don't worry about it ahah, and you the guy I didn't want to deal with. Carlos now walks away. Jon now decides to defend Carlos by mentioning I think the kids left on their own I was right next to Carlos he didn't even know they left the hall. Ponch now mentions it isn't a gang Jon responsibility is part of the code Carlos take responibility for the Condoras, and the same with Billy's gang. Andy now mentions ok we had a bad start but will try again, and I ain't the one pick you up. Billy now mentions Andy I'm warning you quit with me stay away. Andy now mentions I can't quit with you Billy your my mistake. Billy now walks away.

The next morning Jon pulls into central on bike. Once again Harlan and Grossie are playing a game of gin rummy in the break room until Turner arrives trying to sell trees. Turner now mentions that his sister did this in her garden, and starts to give speech by saying a tree is your friend, and you can lean on it, and it won't lean back, and mentions about the whole eco system, squirrels, birds, beauty, and Shade. Harlan now mentions thugs. Turner now they you know how much they cost in nursery twelve bucks a piece. Harlan now mentions exactly fifty dollars. Turner now mentions I can't even give them away. Grossie now mentions I'll take four. Turner now gets the trees out. Grossie now mentions hears two bucks Harlan now were even. Harlan now goes even. Grossie now mentions four trees at twelve dollars a piece plus my two add it up. Harlan now asks Grossie what am I gonna do with four trees. Grossie now mentions to Harlan plant an eco system. Grossie now walks away Turner now mentions to Harlan but you passed you could of had them for nothing. Turner now walks away. Harlan is still in the break room looking at his trees with an worried look on his face.

Tonight at Rosa's house where Ponch is no waiting to go out on a date with her, and Carlos is putting his art supplies in the basket. Carlos now mentions to Ponch I want to thank for getting the kids off easy. Ponch mentions to Carlos that Macedon helped he knows why they hit Billy's car they wanted respected for their leader. Carlos mentions I'm not their leader anymore I'm quitting like you did. Ponch now mentions I didn't quit I worked my way out some of the other guys followed yah but none of us gave up and quit. Carlos now mentions I'm here. Ponch now mentions will all comeback Carlos. Carlos now goes man don't you understand I lost them they broke my truth you know I never go back on my word, and I don't what your trying to be like as long it is you. Ponch now gets up out of the chair, and goes hey they don't know who you are man your a painter, a fighter, and you got to make up your mind, and some of the angriest guys in the world used their engry to paint, and they became really great artists, and saying daquana dala toni which means in english thill follow. Carlos now asks what do I do wait pictures. Ponch now mentions your waving an example Carlos you force the muscle head their good kids but their bad. Rosa now enters the room all dressed up first by interrupting Ponch's conversation with Carlos by mentioning ready. Ponch now mentions that didn't notice you. Carlos now mentions that's my sister. Rosa now mentions say no more come on will drop you off. Carlos gives Ponch the lantern, and grabs his art supplies, and they all walk away together.

Now outside the houseside restaurant where people are walking the streets, and other people are going through the doors. Now inside the restaurant where people ar having dinner, and the waiter is now walking while carrying a tray full of drinks. Which now leads to the table in front of a mural where Ponch and Jon are on a double date with Rosa and Sherron. Sherron now mentions utterly fantastic. Jon now mentions good food good company. Ponch now goes why thank you Jon. Jon now goes why sure you didn't think I was talking about the ladies didn't you. Everybody starts laughing. Andy now decides to show up by interrupting the date. Andy now mentions so admitted was that the greatest meat west of Philly. Ponch now mentions I have never been to Philly. Jon now mentions I have sour boton. Sherron now starts laughing but Ponch and Rosa look at her. Rosa now goes but Sherron your nose is shining. Sherron now mentions why didn't somebody tell me. Both Rosa and Sherron now get out of their chairs, and walk away.

Both Ponch and Jon now get up, and Ponch decides to push in Rosa's chair. Andy now decides to sit down while Jon sits right next to him, and Ponch sits across from them. Andy now tries to offer Jon some more wine but Jon decides to turn it down. Ponch now mentions is there something you want us to lay out, and to end. Andy now mentions that you didn't find me back in town I found you didn't you realize that. Ponch now mentions that I just want you to think about that, and I accepted that rematch, and now we find out why. Andy now mentions I want to show you why, and I know you would never believe me if I tried to tell you, and you still haven't figered out, and I don't know there must be something, and sounds like getting religon or something now look. Jon now goes well. Andy now mentions he I bought the dinner alright just listen a year ago beat me. Ponch now looks at Andy silently. Andy now mentions you should have developed a better technician. Ponch now mentions Andy I'm sorry. Andy now goes whatever I'm sitting in prison hating your guts, and pauses for a moment in selence, and you were fighting, and I wasn't that's why you won because you had the key what's it. Jon now goes what key. Ponch now mentions a key on inner powers, and don't miss me for anyone that holds a black belt. Andy now mentions it is when you lose one. Jon now mentions Billy Roger. Andy now mentions I took him from a broken home, and I just knew were he belonged.

Great Quote

"Remember Me." - Billy Rogers

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Fun Facts

The new Oak Street Youth Center
  • This episode is a sequel to Karate in season 4 and contains two flashback scenes: the first one is where Billy resists arrest and beats up Baricza, and the second is where Ponch and Andy start street fighting.
  • Danny Bonaduce is best known as Danny Partridge of The Partridge Family. He previously appeared as Fred in Family Crisis in season 2. Here, Danny reprises his role from Karate as Billy Rogers. He would later play Myron in the sixth season episode High Times.
  • Lewis Van Bergen also reprises his role from Karate as Andy Macedon.
  • The opening stand-off was filmed under the North Spring Street bridge that goes over the Los Angeles River. Many of the buildings seen during Baricza's approach are still standing. View in Google Maps
  • The building used as the Oak Street Youth Center in this episode is at 1727 North Spring Street. It looks like they used the same banner over the door.
  • The wall being painted by Carlos was on South Avenue 20. It's a little smaller now, but still pretty colorful. View in Google Maps


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