Weed Wars

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Weed Wars
Episode # 505
Air Date October 31, 1981
Briefing Keep up high visibility in Topanga area.
Title screen

Brief Plot

Some small-time marijuana growers are being pressurized by a bigger drug importer, and their pickups are being forced off the road. The accidents are witnessed by a kid who puts a hex on Ponch when he asks too many questions. As a result, Ponch suffers all manner of unexplained mishaps.


Guest Stars



Fun Facts


  • In the opening chase, some shots show the white pickup with a damaged headlight while in others it's still intact. After the titles it's seen with the hood up, and the collision with the school bus seems to have fixed the headlights!
  • The school bus only has minor bodywork damage - why doesn't the driver just move it away from the van?
  • When the red/cream pickup crashes, it hits the rocks on the front right corner, but after a cut-away to the white truck it is facing a completely different direction.

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Weed Wars
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