Mitchell and Woods

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Mitchell and Woods
Episode # 512
Air Date Dec 18, 1981
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Brief Plot

Traffic officers Mitchell and Woods give up their bikes and uniforms to become detectives. They've only just started their new job when a man walks in saying he wants to report a murder. He promptly drops dead, and Mitchell realizes she nearly went to the prom with him. They find a diamond ring taped to his body and persuade their Lieutenant to let them take the case.


Ponch and Jon stop for a coffee break with Mitchell and Woods (two female traffic officers), but they have to leave to start their new detective jobs. They end up arriving at the station and take their new boss's parking spot. After reviewing their new caseload, a guy walks in and asks to report a murder...and drops dead. Mitchell realizes that she almost went to the prom with the guy so they take the case.

While investigating Buddy's apartment, his girlfriend, Chickee, walks in and claims she came to get his jacket. When Woods goes to open the closet, a guy runs out. Mitchell and Woods chase him. Woods borrows someone's car to chase the guy in his car while Mitchell is holding on to his sunroof. Mitchell soon falls off and causes a major traffic accident. "Closet guy" gets away.

While tracking down "closet guy", they end up at a fancy party. After punching the hostess, they leave and go to another party to find information on Buddy. After threatening one guy and leaving another handcuffed to a table, they take on some motorcycle punks and dump them in piles of garbage.

After getting lunch and help from Ponch and Jon, they do some investigating. They have a big ring that Buddy had taped to his body appraised. It is worth $250,000 and belongs to "Chickee".

Later, on a mountain road, a Caddy tries to run Mitchell and Woods off the road, but drives off a cliff. When they discover that car is also registered to Eleanor Martin, they go to her house and arrest her after she confesses. At the bus terminal they say goodbye to Chickee as she moves to the country. Then they notice that Ponch and Jon are ticketing their car. Ponch and Jon agree to accept lunch instead of ticketing them. They all walk off (leaving the car still illegally parked.)


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Fun Facts

Mitchell & Woods
Mitchell & Woods original script
  • Both Melanie Mitchell and Paula Woods were previously seen in the Ponch's Angels episodes.
  • This episode was a failed attempt at making a spin-off series.
  • This episode title in the Mitchell & Woods series would have been "The All-American" (see script picture)
  • This episode's title is likely stated in the episode more than any other episode's title.
  • The parts of both Mitchell and Woods were recast after their first appearance in Ponch's Angels. Cindy Morgan (Melanie) did appear in those episodes, ironically as Ponch's girlfriend, Jennifer, who thought he was having an affair with Melanie. Jayne Kennedy was previously seen as Pat Blake in Kidnap.
  • The shows usual regulars, which include actors Robert Pine, Randi Oakes, Brodie Greer, Paul Linke, Michael Dorn, and Lou Wagner, don't appear in this episode.
  • Pamela Susan Shoop was previously seen as Alice Piermont in Christmas Watch.
  • Lt. Richards is played by Paul Gale in his third and final role in CHiPs. He previously appeared as Tom Catlin in To Your Health and Artie in Wheeling.


  • After the "closet guy" hits a dumpster with his car, there's a shot where you can see the shadow of the camera man in the street.
  • When Ponch asks why Mitchell and Woods are becoming detectives, Paula says "Oh, after riding motors for about six years and pounding on the chief's desk for three years ...", yet in Ponch's Angels, Getraer says of Melanie "She's 24, three years on the patrol and fresh out of motorcycle school". As they were both trainees, when did they get six years' experience on motors?

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Mitchell and Woods
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