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Episode # 610
Air Date December 19, 1982
Briefing Harlan's joining the LAPD/Protest at a defense plant.
Title screen

Brief Plot

Ponch and Bobby give a ticket to the driver of an old school bus carrying "No Nukes" protesters, and discover Getraer's daughter among them. Ponch helps a young boy who's been hit by a car, and suspects his stepfather is beating him after he finds bruising on the boy's back.


When Ponch and Bobby come upon an accident caused by a "No Nukes" bus, they meet Getraer's daughter, Ellen. After the briefing, a kid gets hit by a car while playing catch with his step-dad. Ponch discovers bruises and possible child abuse.

Hal's Firebird Trans Am

Later, Getraer visits his daughter at the protest headquarters. Back at Central, Ponch is leading the CHP in riot training. When they finish up, Ponch, Bobby, and Bruce go to the hospital the abused kid admits that he was beaten by his step-father. Ponch, Bobby, and Bruce chase after the step-father as he leaves the hospital. The arrest him after he crashes into several parked cars.

Later, the "No Nukes" bus is going under a bridge and its brakes give out. As it crashes, a fire breaks out, and everyone is trapped inside. Ellen manages to keep everyone calm and helps them out. Ponch enters the underpass with a single fire extinguisher, puts out the fire, and gets everyone out. Later, when the protesters refuse to leave, they are arrested...including Ellen. Getraer goes to bail out Ellen and everything turns out fine for them.

Back at Central, Harlan shows up to his goodbye party but we learn that he failed his physical because of his eyesight.

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Fun Facts

Jump near the Ocean Center Building, Long Beach
  • The footage of Ponch and Bobby on the freeway that appears behind the episode title was previously used behind the episode title on This Year's Riot.
  • Some of the footage from the opening crash is recycled from Anything But The Truth in season 5, which was filmed about half a mile away.
  • Lynn-Holly Johnson (Ellen Getraer) was a professional ice skater. She appeared in For Your Eyes Only (1981) where her character, Bibi, tried to seduce James Bond.
  • Some of the tire barriers for the Long Beach Grand Prix can be seen when the step-father is being chased. The area has changed enormously since filming - most of the background buildings have been replaced, the ramps joining Shoreline Drive to Queens Way have gone, and the car park where the jump takes place is now part of The Pike at Rainbow Harbor. One of the only constants is the Ocean Center Building. View in Google Maps
  • Dennis Haskins, who plays one of the plant workers (blink and you'll miss him), is probably best known for playing school head Richard Belding in Saved by the Bell. By coincidence, one of the editors of CHiPs season 6 is called Richard Belding.
  • The Stepworth Industries defense complex is actually the Terminal Island Treatment Plant. View in Google Maps
  • The red Pontiac Firebird Trans Am driven by Louis' step-father is similar to the copper-colored car driven by Ponch in previous seasons, although this one retains its chrome brightwork.


  • When the bus crashes, just after the guy is pulled out of the green car, there's a close-up of a gray container just before it explodes. The writing on the container ("Lacquer Thinner") shows that the shot has been mirrored.
  • One of the placards at the protest reads "Kiss The Bomb Goodby".

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