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Episode # 219
Air Date February 17, 1979
Briefing Captain wants shift to comply with completing Cahill's biorhythm project.
Title Screen

Brief Plot

A rival tries to take out Robbie's trucking company by any means necessary. Biorhythms are being charted to track highs and lows.


Trucks collide on freeway

The show opens with Ponch and Jon discussing biorhythms when they see a box truck ram the side of a tractor trailer driven by Robbie Davis. Ponch and Jon begin pursuit. (Opening Credits)

They continue their pursuit as the trucks continue to collide down the freeway. Robbie's left-front tire blows out and she loses control of the truck, which leads to a multiple-car accident. Ponch arrives and runs to the truck and Robbie tells Ponch to go after the other guy who was deliberately running her off the road. Jon continues and locates the other truck only to find that the driver has disappeared. Back at the scene of the accident, Ponch questions Robbie and she is in a hurry to leave with the wrecker so that she is able to deliver her load later that day. Ponch agrees to hear the rest of the story over breakfast the next morning. Ponch and Jon walk to their motors while discussing Ponch's relationship with Robbie.

That evening at Trans-State Trucking, Karl Maddox chastises Murray Thomas, the driver who tried to run Robbie of the road, because he failed to keep her from delivering the load. Murray is shaken because he was almost caught; he tells Karl that he is through doing this kind of work. Karl picks up his phone and asks for the phone number of the CHP to turn Murray in for violating parole. Karl explains that his goal is to take Robbie Davis out because she would not sell her business to him. Murray turns down the offer until Karl picks up the phone again.

Ponch retrieves his clothes.

The next morning, Ponch and Robbie are jogging near the beach. He asks her how long the attacks have been going on. She tells the story and Ponch asks whether the police have been notified. They return to Robbie's apartment where they briefly discuss Robbie's father before Ponch asks Robbie who is trying to put her out of business, but she doesn't know. Robbie's father, Charlie, and his friend Sam come to the door while Ponch is showering before breakfast and work. Ponch comes out of the bathroom in a towel asking for soap, creating an awkward moment. Ponch explains that he is on his way to work and Charlie comments on his "uniform." Charlie backs Ponch, still wearing just a towel, out the door and then closes it in his face. Charlie asks Robbie about the business. As Ponch heads toward his car, his clothes fall from above on to the walkway in front of him, and he picks them up. He drops his shoe and his towel falls off just as a little old lady walks past. Ponch gets in his car and drives away.

Cahill explains biorhythms.

Back at Central, the morning briefing begins with Cahill explaining bio-rhythms; she is studying biorhythms as a part of her master's degree. Getraer says that those on this shift should comply with tracking their biorhythms. Next, we see Karl and Murray meeting to discuss how they plan to take Robbie Davis out. Karl has brought the materials that Murray will need to do the job.

The next morning, Ponch and Jon are examining their biorhythm charts while on their beat. They are joking about playing handball the next day when they spot a reckless driver being pursued by Baricza. Ponch and Jon join the pursuit. The driver has a crazed look on his face as he ignores road closed signs. The driver then rams the side of Baricza's cruiser and causes him to spin out. The driver continues and plunges off the end of the highway but survives. Back at Central, Ponch points out that Baricza is having a low day according to the biorhythm chart; Jon is skeptical of the relationship.

Ponch and Jon are playing handball; Ponch wins and attributes it to his biorhythms. Again, Jon is skeptical. Back at the station, Robbie Davis is watching Harlan work. Ponch and Jon come out of the station and Robbie gives Ponch information regarding attempts to harm her business, including the name of someone who tried to buy her out. Robbie invites Ponch and Jon to dinner. Ponch reveals to Jon his biorhythm calculator. Back at Robbie's trucking she has an argument with her father about the company.

Ponch is pre-occupied with his biorhythm calculator and suggests to Jon that he should play Getraer at handball on Thursday because his biorhythms show a low day. Jon points out that Getraer is the division champ. Sam is driving one of Robbie's rigs when a fire erupts near a wheel. Jon spots the smoke coming from the rig and Sam begins to lose control of the truck, but he is able to stop it on the shoulder. Jon runs to rescue Sam, who wants to save the cab by disconnecting the fifth wheel. Cahill arrives and Ponch grabs a fire extinguisher from her. Sam gets in the cab and more fire erupts. Jon attempts to get Sam out of the truck while Ponch tries to extinguish the fire that has engulfed Sam. They extinguish the fire, but Sam is badly burned.

Back at Robbie's apartment, Robbie is talking with her father when Ponch and Jon arrive to tell them the news about Sam. They all head to Valley General to see him. Charley leaves his room and tells Robbie that "he looks awful." Charlie expresses his feelings of guilt because Sam wanted to remain up north, fishing. At Central, Getraer inquires about Sam and informs Ponch that the arson unit is investigating. Ponch challenges Getraer to a game of handball with Jon on Thursday night. Jon tries to back out but Ponch talks over him and bets Getraer 5 dollars that Jon will beat him.

That evening at Trans-State trucking, Karl arrives and Murray is waiting. Murray explains to Karl that Charlie Davis is trying to find out who is attempting to put his daughter out of business; Murray is worried the he will caught. Karl wants Robbie's contracts and instructs Murray to blow them up. Ponch shows up at Robbie's apartment and she tells him that she does not know where her father is; she thinks that he is out to even the score for Sam. Murray is in the trailer of one of Robbie's trucks rigging an explosive device.

At Central, the briefing ends and Ponch discusses biorhythms with Sindy; Sindy places 5 bucks on Getraer for that night's handball match with Jon. Charlie is asking around about who might be trying to put his daughter out of business; one person mentions Murray Thomas. Robbie heads out in the truck where Murray rigged the explosive device. Charlie arrives to confront Murray who is working on a truck at GW Trucking. Robbie is on the freeway and a dispatch is made informing Ponch and Jon that her truck has a bomb on board. They begin to chase down Robbie's truck; Jon calls in for a traffic break. Ponch catches up with Robbie and tells her that she has a bomb on board and to pull over. Ponc disconnects the trailer and Robbie saves the cab as the truck explodes. The impulse from the explosion knocks Ponch and Jon from their bikes to the pavement. Karl arrives at Trans-State Trucking to find Baricza and Getraer waiting with Charlie and Murray.

At the handball court, we learn that Sam is doing all right and that insurance will cover Robbie's losses. Ponch gives Jon pointers on how to beat Getraer and tells him that $57 dollars has been bet on him. Sindy informs Ponch that Getraer is on a high today, not a low. Apparently Ponch had the wrong birth year for Getraer. We don't learn the outcome of the match.

Great Quote

"Swell, except for Getraer was born in '45 not '44 Ponch"
--Cahill in response to the discrepancy between her charting of Getraer's bio-rhythm and Ponch's calculator.
"He couldn't understand why Ponch was in my apartment with no clothes on."

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Fun Facts

  • Tige Andrews, Katherine Cannon, and Steve Brodie reprise their roles from the episode "The Volunteers."
  • During the opening pursuit, Ponch and Jon begin their opening pursuit headed north on Harbor Fwy at Carson St. View in Google Maps
  • We learn that Sgt. Getraer was born in 1945.
  • Murray Thomas's trucking yard was on the corner of South Santa Fe Avenue and Mateo Street. Some of the elevated section of East 4th Street is visible in the background. View in Google Maps


Jump ramp on 853 LKQ
  • "Charlie" was spelled "Charley" in the credits for "The Volunteers."
  • During the opening pursuit, when they cut to a shot behind the CHP officers, the location changes from Harbor Fwy. to (what is now) the Ronald Reagan Fwy. at Balboa Blvd. View in Google Maps
  • When Robbie's tire blows out it goes from full to flat when the shot cuts to a close-up of the tire then back to full in a distant shot.
  • A jump ramp is visible on the back of 853 LKQ. This same vehicle is seen being jumped in the Season 2 episode, High Explosive.
  • Ponch's car is completely restored in this episode. In the previous episode, Rally 'Round the Bank, Ponch's car is lacking paint when he goes to pick up his mother at the airport.
  • The distinctive yellow MkI Ford Fiesta with the black stripes on the sides (that appears in most of the season 2 freeway scenes) passes Sam's truck when he pulls over because of the fire. Jon doesn't ask Sindy to stop the traffic for another 30 seconds, yet after Sam catches fire and jumps from the cab, the Fiesta is parked just behind the truck with its doors open.
  • When they're looking for the truck with the bomb, Jon shouts "There she is" when he sees the back of an unmarked trailer in the distance - how does he know that's Robbie's truck?

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