Rally 'Round the Bank

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Rally 'Round the Bank
Episode # 218
Air Date February 3, 1979
Briefing The commendation of Baker, Baricza, Cahill, and Poncherello and presentation of a safety citation
Title Screen

Brief Plot

Bank robbers use a fake bomb and a rally race to carry off their heists. A visit from Ponch's mother. A safety citation for Ponch.


Ponch and Jon finding a parking spot available at the Los Angeles International Airport.

When two robbers rob a bank at the drive thru window, Ponch, Jon, and Baricza chase after them. After the robbers get away, they remove the flame decals from their sports car and head off to a rally.

Meanwhile, Ponch calls Sarge and finds out that his mom is coming! He immediately calls up a furniture rental company and has furniture delivered to his empty apartment. He and Jon arrive at the airport late and park in a no parking zone. After meeting his mom, Ponch brings his mom to his newly decorated apartment.

The next day, Ponch and Jon have lunch with Getraer and then some rally drivers. They head out and, assisted by Sindy, attempt to catch the bank robbers again. After losing the robbers, they go check out the rally checkpoint for the robbers. Later, Ponch and his mother discuss old times. She makes him feel guilty about moving away. Back at Central, Ponch and Jon get lectured by Getraer about being "given the slip" by "those jokers". Meanwhile, the robbers pull off another bank job. Ponch and Jon lose them after they sneak under another low clearance.

That night, Ponch brings his girlfriend to a disco square-dance. (It can't be described in words.) Getraer isn't into it, but Grossie and Ponch's mom watch on. When Ponch tells his mom how the robbers are using the rally as a cover, she suggests staking out banks along the next day's route. When they do so, Ponch, Jon, and Getraer all end up chasing the robbers after Sindy tends to an accident. Ponch and Jon chase them through the flood control channel while Getraer goes around to cut them off. They round the robbers into a side tunnel where the passage gets to narrow and the sports car gets stuck.

At the briefing, Ponch gets a safety citation for a year without any accident. They celebrate with a cake Mrs. Poncherello and Grossie made. Ponch says goodbye to his mom in his apartment parking lot just before she gets a ride to the airport in Sindy's cruiser. As Ponch is about to leave, he crashes into the cruiser. Everyone laughs.

Great Quote

Getraer: "Hey, Mrs. Poncherello, if he wasn't top-notch, he wouldn't be out there."
Mrs. Poncherello: "Thanks, sergeant. If he wasn't top-notch, he wouldn't be a Poncherello."

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Fun Facts

  • Right after the intro the dispatcher makes a radio call for "7 Mary 1" and Ponch answers with his call sign "7 Mary 4"
  • Ponch still hasn't painted the burned out car he bought in "Neighborhood Watch".
Wilcox Ave. sign above Larry's head
  • During the opening chase, the blue MG turns into a small alley, which is located here, on the west side of Ivar. Ave. View in Google Maps
  • After the opening credits, when we see a close-up of Ponch and Jon, they are passing Wilcox Ave. (as they are headed south on Cahuenga Blvd.) and the street sign passes above Larry's head.
  • We learn that Ponch has two brothers named Robert and Martin. They live in Chicago.
  • Ponch and Jon meet Getraer at an Arby's. This is the Arby's at Sunset Blvd. and Tamarind Ave., which still appears to have the old style "hat" sign. View in Google Maps
  • The rally checkpoint is located on Via Marina at Tahiti Way. It would be visible from Ponch's apartment. The building across Via Marina is still there. View in Google Maps
  • The last bank that is robbed is at Sepulveda Blvd. and Slauson Ave. (Knightsbridge Ave., seen on a sign, is one block east of this intersection). View in Google Maps.
  • The chase after the last bank heist passes through this location at the intersection of 6th St. and Imperial St. View in Google Maps


  • During the opening credits, Poncherello is misspelled "Poncharello" when "Anna Navarro as Mrs. Poncharello" is shown.
  • When the bank robbers pull off the third robbery, something knocks the camera just as the money goes into the car.
  • Getraer didn't bring his wife to the dance? "Um, I have to work late again honey." I wonder if his wife knows where he is.
  • How many days does it take for the rally to go through the L.A. area anyway? They're making slow progress or going in circles.
  • When they stake out the bank parking lot, nobody bothers to block the exit to the street? I guess that would have made for a short chase.
  • The flood control channel is straight. It tends to reason that the robbers were driving as fast as possible through it. So how did Getraer manage to go around and end up in front of them...twice?
  • Isn't it lucky that Ponch's mom happened to bring her square dance clothes from Chicago?
  • Why is everyone saying goodbye to Ponch's mom in the parking lot? They're probably all going to the airport.
  • When the bank robber pursuit passes Ponch and Jon, they turn from Vine St. to Yucca St. There is one person standing on the corner. After they go around the corner, there are 4 or more people visible on the same corner. The chase then jumps to the intersection of Selma Ave. and Ivar Ave.
Wig store stunt ramp
  • When the pink car goes up the curb toward the wig shop window, the camera angle abruptly changes and a small ramp becomes clearly visible at the curb.
  • When Cahill joins the pursuit of the blue MG after the second bank robbery, she refers to herself as "Seven Mary Charles."
  • The last bank that is robbed is not near Century and Western as discussed at the station.
  • Getraer presents Ponch with a safety citation for "one year service without an accident"; however, just 5 episodes prior (Down Time), he injures his pinky finger when he lays down his bike during a chase. Getraer asked Ponch to take his vacation because of the injury. Apparently Getraer forgot about this incident.
  • Mama Poncherello arrives in LA with one bag, yet leaves with a trunk load. She must have done some serious shopping.

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