Speedway Fever

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Speedway Fever
Episode # 605
Air Date November 7, 1982
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Brief Plot

Bobby's younger brother, Bruce, is training to join the CHP, but he also wants to become speedway world champion. A pair of thieves are stealing jewelry from motorcycle couriers, and a trio of teenage hitch-hiking Valley girls are holding up unsuspecting motorists.


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Fun Facts

Bruce with the trophy
  • Kitty Moffat (Jean) previously appeared as Kathie in 11-99: Officer Needs Help.
  • The speedway footage at the end is from the 1982 Individual Speedway World Championship at the Memorial Coliseum. It was the only time the Individual World Final was held outside of Europe. All the riders mentioned in the commentary were real competitors - they were Peter Collins, Michaił Starostin, Jan Andersson, Edward Jancarz, Kenny Carter, Georg Hack, Phil Crump, Hans Nielsen, Les Collins, Kai Niemi, Jiří Štancl, and Vaclav Verner. The other riders not named were Dennis Sigalos and Kelly Moran of the USA, Dave Jessup of England and reserve riders Emil Sova of the Czech Republic and Andy Grahame of England. Bruce Penhall won the event by a point from Les Collins, with Dennis Sigalos in third.
  • Moon Zappa (Tami) and her father, Frank, released a single called "Valley Girl" in 1982 that featured examples of Valley girl or Valspeak slang.


  • The establishing shot of the CHP Academy is the real building, however, it's in Sacramento, so even Bruce would struggle to make the roughly 400 mile journey in an hour. View in Google Maps
  • The courier robberies all take place on Shoreline Drive in Long Beach, but the locations and directions of travel change many times even before the jewels are taken.

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