Rock Devil Rock

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Rock Devil Rock
Episode # 604
Air Date October 31, 1982
Briefing ?
Title screen

Brief Plot

Ponch and Bobby help a rock star who claims that attempts have been made on his life; Ponch performs a daring rescue; and the CHP officers throw a wild Halloween party.


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Fun Facts

Donny Most as Moloch
  • Donny Most (Moloch) is probably best known as Raplh Malph in Happy Days.
  • Ponch gets a new (1982) Firebird Trans Am for this season. It was briefly seen at the alleged alien landing site in The Spaceman Made Me Do It, but is shown more clearly here.
  • Bobby has an RV, just like Ponch did in season 1.
  • In 2003, Robert Trujillo (Flippy) became the permanent bassist with Metallica.


  • The gas tanker that Flippy crashes into leaks from the top, indicating it's full, but the explosion is tiny for that much gasoline. Also, what sort of gasoline company leaves a tanker full of gas in a deserted location?

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Rock Devil Rock
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