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There were 19 deaths during the entire series, 2 of them were CHP officers:

  • There were 11 deaths in one accident in "Mait Team"
  • Officer Steve Wydemeyer was killed in the line of duty in "Death Watch"
  • A drunk guy's wife was killed in a car accident by her own husband at the end of "Wheels of Justice"
  • A dying CHP officer dies in "Sick Leave", after saving a girl from a car just before it explodes and sends metal into his back
  • A fireman dies after his car explodes in "Dead Man's Riddle"
  • 1 death in "A Simple Operation" when Getraer's roommate at the Valley General Hospital died from cardiac arrest (which turned out to be murder by lethal injection)
  • A person is murdered in "Mitchell & Woods" and another drives his car off a cliff
  • Six mannequins suffered fatal injuries (according to Jon) in "The Game of War" (but we won't count those)
  • Ponch's fiancĂ©e died in "Head Over Heels"
  • Although the person was never seen, a liver donor died during "Journey to a Spacecraft" and saved a 10-year-old kid