Head Over Heels

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Head Over Heels
Episode # 608
Air Date December 5, 1982
Briefing ?
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Brief Plot

A tragic event shatters Ponch's plans to marry the young woman with whom he has fallen in love. A pair of thieves get tip-offs when to rob wealthy customers of a messaging service.


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Fun Facts

"Puppy For Sail"
  • Laura Branigan sang Lee Holdridge's "A Love Until The End of Time" for this episode, but that song was never released. However, Placido Domingo and Maureen McGovern have sung the song as a duet and it is available on CD.
  • After the white car lands during the crash near the beginning, the shot of the brown car hitting the blue van is recycled from Christmas Watch in season 3.
  • Despite the "Viewpoint School" sign on the building where Vanessa works, the scene was filmed in the car park of Sony Entertainment Pictures in Culver City. St. Augustine's Catholic Church is visible across the road. View in Google Maps
  • The little boy with the "puppy for sail" was standing opposite the Bill Murphy Buick dealership on Washington Boulevard in Culver City. The site is now a car park, and the gas station seen behind Bobby has been replaced with a building that's part of Sony Pictures Imageworks. View in Google Maps
  • Beverly Adams (credited here as Beverly Sassoon) was engaged to Erik Estrada.
  • The episode ends with a spoken message: "Every day, 1,780 Americans are crippled by drunk drivers, 70 die. Please drive carefully." Today, the annual number of deaths has been reduced by about 60%, but there's still an average of one drunk driving fatality every 52 minutes.


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