Harlan Arliss

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Harlan Arliss
Actor Lou Wagner
Appears in Seasons 2 through 6 (1978 - 1983)
Call Numbers none
Badge Number none
Getraer, Dave, and Harlan

Harlan Arliss is a mechanic for the California Highway Patrol at their Central Los Angeles headquarters.[1]

His life-long dream is to be a CHP...but he's two inches short of the height requirement.[1] He is 5' 3 7/8" tall and when the LAPD lowered their height requirement, he almost became an officer, but his eyes weren't good enough.[2]

Harlan has a dog named Dave, a former drug sniffing police dog.[1]

At one point, Harlan apparently tried to learn the trombone, but gave up and had it in a garage sale.[3] Harlan has his mom buy his shoes because he has small feet.[4] He has a talent for siphoning gasoline out of state vehicles. He also beat Getraer at chess. Grossie would have beaten him at chess if he didn't knock over the board.[5]

In one episode, Harlan's personal information was shown on a malfunctioning computer screen. It listed his license number as #Z9023741. He lived at 9246 Beech Drive, Los Angeles, California 90222. (No such address actually exists.) He had 10 moving violations, including 03-17-79, 06-22-80, 09-13-80, and 10-21-80.[6]

His current whereabouts are unknown.


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