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Reviewer Date
“CHiPs” Online is created May 11, 1995
Mirsky’s Worst of the Web June 1, 1995
Geek Site of the Day September 26, 1995
INTERNET underground magazine”Cure your Ponch-n-Jon jonesin’ at this shrine to those studs of the California Highway Patrol. There are guides to all the episodes (with names such as “Moving Violation” and “Highway Robbery”) and CHiPs images and sounds. A mailing list is promised for the truly faithful.”
Webmaster: Patrick Delahanty
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December 1995
Top 5% Point Survey’s Top 5% of the Web January 31, 1996
Point Survey’s “New and Noteworthy” April 3, 1996
Totally Awesome! The 80’s Server‘s Totally Awesome Site of the Day March 25, 1996
RadioOne’s Daily Report April 8, 1996
INTERNET underground magazineKOOK #7: Reviewers @ Point Communications. The people who give out the “Top 5% Pages on the Web” awards. Among their picks are pages for Buzz the Fly, a bathroom-humor cartoon about the life of a fly, “CHiPs” Online, The Gamera Web Page, 50 Years of Band-Aid (a page about finding some old Band-Aid boxes in a basement) Bluedog Can Count, (a dumb barking dog) and Prodigy Web Personals, probably the last place anyone would want to go when looking for a date online. April 1996
Magellan Internet Guide *** out of ****
We WERE 4 stars, but for some reason, they changed it to 3. After they re-did their system, we were graded as “Recommended”.
The Burlington Police Department
List of Fun Sites to Visit on the Net
Quain’s Web ReviewsOn Pathfinder.com or
IBM Internet Connection
June 20, 1996
CNet‘s The Web television program
“Hall of Shame”
August 1, 1996
Flung of the Day April 4, 1997
Flung of the Month April, 1997
Golden Web Award 2000-2001 2000-2001 Golden Web Award November 27, 2000
BBC WebGuide Best of the Web March, 2001
Best of the Web – Featured site May 27 – June 2, 2001

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