Fan-related Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can you answer a question about the real California Highway Patrol?
  2. Where can I find “CHiPs” stuff on the Internet?
  3. I NEED this episode on tape! Where can I buy it? Can you send it to me?
  4. Where can I get a recording of the “CHiPs” theme?
  5. Was the popularity of “CHiPs” ever exploited by marketing?
  6. Where can I buy some “CHiPs” merchandise?
  7. Have any bands done tributes to “CHiPs”?
  8. What about TV shows then? Have any done tributes to “CHiPs”?
  9. Is “CHiPs” on DVD?
  10. Where can I find a CHP uniform for a costume?
  1. Can you answer a question about the real California Highway Patrol?
    Sorry. We have NO connection, association, or any sort of contact with the real CHP. This web site is dedicated solely to the TV show called “CHiPs” which ran in the late 70’s and early 80’s.
    Find the real CHP at
  2. Where can I find “CHiPs” stuff on the Internet?
    A list of fan sites is maintained in the “CHiPs” Wiki.
  3. I NEED this episode on tape! Where can I buy it? Can you send it to me?
    The first five seasons of “CHiPs” is out on DVD. You can get them from
    “CHiPs ’99” has been released on DVD and is available from
    Sorry, “CHiPs” Online is not a video store and cannot send out copies of any episodes ourselves. Please do not ask (even if it’s for an “important” class project or a “sick friend”.) We do not have the resources (nor time) to copy episodes. We’re sorry, but requests to do so will be ignored.
  4. Where can I get a recording of the “CHiPs” theme?
    You can get an audio CD with first season theme on Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 6. (It’s actually a slight variation of the first season’s theme and was not used on the show. The difference is hardly recognizable.) If you order through’s association with, you’ll be able to buy it for less than you can in any store.
    Music from season 2 has been released on CD including the opening and ending theme music from seasons 2 through 6.
  5. Was the popularity of “CHiPs” ever exploited by marketing?
    Oh yes! “CHiPs” toys were popular with kids in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Here is a partial list with approximate values in 1997 U.S. dollars.

    • 1970s bicycle siren, $15-20
    • 1970s Big Wheel, In box. $50-75!
    • 1970s camera, 110 camera on card, $15-20
    • 1970s Erik Estrada posters $10-15
    • 1970s motorcycle helmet set. Window box includes guns, hand-cuffs, and walkie-talkies, $50-75
    • 1970s Police set. Police accessories in a photo window box, $25-35
    • 1970s puffy stickers, Imperial, $8-12
    • 1977 board game, Milton Bradley, $15-20
    • 1977 CHiPs 3 3/4″ action figures (5 different: Ponch, Jon, Sarge, Jimmy Squeaks, and Wheels Willie) $10-15 each
    • 1977 jigsaw puzzles, HG Toys, 1977, several different $8-10
    • 1977 lunchbox, with thermos, 1977. $25-30 box, $8-12 thermos
    • 1977 motorcycle and badge set. Set on card, $10-15
    • 1977 sleeping bag, $25-35
    • 1977 sunglasses, Fleetwood. On card., $10-15
    • 1978 Halloween costume, Ben Cooper, $20-25
    • 1978 Motorycle Patrol figure, Fleetwood, 1978 $8-12
    • 1978 Police Accessories set, Fleetwood, $10-15
    • 2/3/79 TV Guide Estrada and Wilcox illustrated $5-8
    • 1979 Ponch notebook, Stuart Hall, 1979, $8-10
    • 1979 Record/45, Theme/”California Hustle,” Winsong Records, Instrumentals by Corniche, $10-15
    • 1979 Rescue Bronco with lanuncer, Fleetwood, Wind-up motorcycle wristband, $20-25
    • 1979 Trading cards, Donruss, 60 numbered cards and 6 unnumbered stickers in set with puzzle backs, $25-35 set, $3-5 wrapper, $.50-.75 single stickers, $10-15 display box
    • 1980s Patrol 4-wheeler, Imperial. Vehicle on card, $8-12
    • 1980s Patrol Van, Imperial, Vehicle on card, $8-12
    • 1980s slot car racing set, Ideal. Motorcycle and van in illustrated box, $35-45
    • 1/12/80 TV Guide Estrada and Wilcox photo $5-8
    • 1980 CHiPs Emergency Medical Kit, Empire, 1980 $20-25
    • 1980 die-cast helicopter, Imperial, Metal helicopter on card, $15-20
    • 1980 die-cast motorcycle, Imperial, 1980. Metal motorcycle with CHiPs logo $15-20
    • 1980 Free-Wheeling Motorcycle, Mego, 1980. For 8″ dolls $20-25
    • 1980 helicopter, Empire, 2′ play helicopter in box, $25-35
    • 1980 Helicopter model kit, revell, Snap together model kit, 1/32 scale $15-20
    • 1980 Mego dolls 3 different, 1980 (Jon, Ponch, and Sarge) $20-25
      These were 8″ tall and had removable clothes, helmets, and boots. There were also included accessories such as sunglasses and a stick. (Unfortunately, to the disappointment of many kids, no Grossman dolls were ever produced.)
    • 1980 model kit, Kawasaki, Revell, $15-20
      On the box, there are some pretty good pictures of Ponch and Jon with their autographs and the biggest grins you ever saw. The box reads:

      “Look down the highway! Its the “CHiPs” motorcycle! “CHiPs”, the exciting MGM-TV series, features the exploits of two daring motorcycle cops – Jonathan Baker (Larry Wilcox) and Francis “Ponch” Poncherello (Erik Estrada). They find action and adventure screaming down the highway on their Kawasaki 1000’s. Chasing down get-away cars! Breaking up smuggling rings! Dealing with hardened criminals! These guys hit hard. And when they need that extra burst of speed, the performance-bred Kawasaki 1000s are right there!”

    • 1980 model kit, Ponch’s Firebird, Revell. With t-shirt iron-on, $20-25
    • 1980 van, Empire. Play van in box for 8″ dolls, $35-45
    • 1980 View-Master #L14, GAF, $10-15
    • 1980-1983 4 different British Annuals $15-20
    • 1981 board game, Ideal, 1981, $15-20
      The winner was the first CHP motorcycle officer to catch all the criminals driving cars of the same color.
    • 1981 Colorforms play set $10-15
    • 1981 gun holster and badge set, On illustrated card, $15-20
    • 1981 Highway Patrol launcher and motorcycle, Mego, 1981 $25-35
      Basically, you turn the crank to rev it up. Then you press a release button and off it goes chasing crime!
    • 1981 model kit, Z-28 Chase Car, Revell. With t-shirt iron-on, $20-25
    • 1981 Target set, Placo, $35-45
    • 1981 wallet, Imperial, $8-12
    • 1981 Wind ‘n Watch Speedster, Buddy L, $15-20
    • 1/30/82 TV Guide cast illustrated $5-8
    • 1983 Coloring and Activity Books, Waldman, 1983 $5-8 each
    • The Brodie Greer Fan Club Kit
  6. Where can I buy some of that “CHiPs” merchandise?
    It’s pretty hard to find. Here are some suggestions, but beware that this information may get out of date as merchandise is sold…

    • eBay. You can search for “CHiPs”, but you’ll have to ignore all the casino chips, computer chips, Beanie Babies, and other stuff with “chips” in the title.
    • Check garage sales as well as toy and collectable shows in your area. Toy shows are often listed in toy collector magazines. Also, check those magazines for classified ads.
    • Scripts can be obtained from:
      Script City
      8033 Sunset Blvd.
      Suite 1500
      Hollywood CA 90046
      Tel. 213-871-0707
      Fax 213-871-9260

    NOTE: “CHiPs” Online lists these companies for informational purposes only. This is in no way a recommendation or endorsement. We claim no responsibility for them and have not dealt with any of them. …and we don’t have any merchandise for sale. Please don’t ask.

  7. Have any bands done tributes to “CHiPs”?
    • There is a band named “Seven Mary Three” with the hit song “Cumbersome”. They admit to naming themselves after Jon’s call sign. (This is verified in the March 23-29, 1996 TV Guideon page 12.)
    • There is a Bad Religion video where Erik Estrada plays Ponch. It came out in 1994 and is for the song “Infected” on the album “Stranger Than Fiction”.
    • A band called “Bonesaw” did a mock “CHiPs” cover of “Pain” from “Battle of the Bands”. The CD is out on Lost and Found records and is called “Abandoned”. It’s a hidden track on the end of the record, so don’t be surprised when you don’t see it listed.
    • Although it hasn’t happened yet, many fans want Phish to do a version of the “CHiPs” theme. (Phish and “CHiPs”…get it?) If you ever get a chance to talk to members of Phish, ask for it.
    • Erik Estrada is in the Butthole Surfers 1996 video for “Pepper” off their “Electriclarryland”album.
    • Garth Brooks got the inspiration for the music video for “Standing Outside The Fire” on his “In Pieces” album from the “CHiPs” episode “Something Special”.
  8. What about TV shows then? Have any done tributes to “CHiPs”?
    • Moltar, the lava-man and director of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, is a big “CHiPs” fan. SG:C2C episode #4 (“CHiPs”) features a number of “CHiPs” segments. Episode #6 (“Punch”) also has a “CHiPs” clip…and hilarious “Punch” “Ponch?” scene with Zorak and Moltar. There are several other episodes in which “CHiPs” is mentioned on the show. One was the episode with Carrottop. Space Ghost: Coast to Coast can be seen on Cartoon Network…another Turner owned network. Erik Estrada was the guest on one episode.
    • Before every Sunday’s football game in the 94-95 season, Fox had a little skit. One of the skits showed Terry Bradshaw barreling down the highway, only to be pulled over by Ponch.
    • Mystery Science Theater 3000 has made “CHiPs” references in #105 – “The Corpse Vanishes”, #403 – “City Limits” and #805 – “The Thing That Couldn’t Die” where Crow insults Larry Wilcox’s acting career.
    • Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada also did a brief parody of “CHiPs” in the movie Loaded Weapon 1.
    • In the 95/96 season of Saturday Night Live, David Spade made a joke about Erik Estrada needing work.
    • On April 25th, 1996, Friends made a reference to “CHiPs” when Courtney Cox said she invested in a stock called “CHP” because she had a crush on Erik Estrada.
    • Although it’s not really a TV show, Berkeley Systems’ CD-ROM game “You Don’t Know Jack Vol. 2” has a feature programmed into it called “Celebrity Collect Calls”, where various celebrities including Tim Allen, Dennis Miller, Kevin Bacon, and Erik Estrada randomly pop up and ask you trivia questions based on their Hollywood careers. Pictures are available.
    • In VH1’s Pop-Up Video, Ponch and Jon are mentioned in show #76 (“Road Trip”) during Sammy Hagar’s “I Can’t Drive 55”. In fact, a part of this photo is used. We suspect Spin The Bottle got the picture from “CHiPs” Online. Hi guys!
    • There are many more…it’s impossible to list everything here.
  9. Is “CHiPs” on DVD?
    The first five seasons are on DVD and downloadable video and available for purchase. Season 6 is sure to follow.
  10. Where can I find a CHP uniform for a costume?
    We get this question a lot around Halloween. Fortunately, a die-hard “CHiPs” fan, Art, has done a lot of research into this. All the details are available in the “CHiPs” Wiki.