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Radio Codes

Dear RobinMasters me and you are the only two actually adding news to this wiki lately. So why not being thoroughly correct in what we put in here ? Why ruining the hard job of each other ?

11-99 has been used 2 times and only two times in the whole series !!! Even if an officer is down they may not use that code so please leave the codes to their actual episodes without messing them around, as for 11-99 code it has been used TWICE: 1 in 11-99: Officer Needs Help and 2 in New Guy in Town I explain my critic: for "a Radio Code being used in an episode" I mean someone in that episode pronounces with his voice the code (e.g. in "New Guy in Town" Ponche hears the dispatcher calling for an 11-99 [and we clearly hear it too]).

Why do you put references to 11-99 in six episodes ? Radio code has to be actually heared in that episode and it hasn't been pronounced in those 4 episodes you mentioned: Undertow, Crack-Up, Down Time and MAIT Team, in these episodes officers may actually be down or sick (as in Undertow, Ponch is just sick no one ever call an 11-99!) and in need of help but no 11-99 can be listened to in the whole episode, in any scene.

11-99 is a radio code not a synonym of "officer down or officer sick", for that there is the description of the episode not a radio code ! If the officer is down but units are already on scene they won't call for 11-99 but maybe 11-41 or 11-42 as per ambulance needed, so why do you refer to 11-99 when no 11-99 can be heared ? I hope all the other references to radio codes used in different episodes, you made, are correct, since the radio code in my opinion has to be present and audible as being actually pronounced by the characters or dispatcher in that episode and not referred to as per describing a scene or the presence of something with the same meaning (e.g. in Undertow since Ponch is sick).

Respectfully, Thanks

More Radio Codes

Dear RobinMasters, I checked some of the other radio codes you referred to episodes in the CHP Radio Codes page, unfortunately most of your references are wrong. In fact you cannot refer a code to an episode just because there is a scene in that episode that recalls the same meaning of a radio code, it is totally wrong and people who read that may think they would actually hear someone pronouncing that radio code in that episode and it is not. So the reference of a radio code to an episode must be made IF ONLY that radio code is actually pronounced (used) by some characters in that episode and the public may hear that. Please modify your references. I am at disposition to check every single episode and report all the correct radio codes references to the correct episodes in which we actually hear that precise radio code. Thanks again


Dear Robin,

your plots are too detailed and long even more than a script... and your english is poor. Not to mention how many "NOW" you put into your sentences ! Please respect the meaning of the word "PLOT" and don't submerge this great wiki with massive descriptions of meaningless thing of every episode !! Be wise.