Brent Delaney

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Brent Delaney
Actor Joe Penny
Appears in Season 1 episode "Flashback!"
Call Numbers Unknown
Badge Number Unknown

Brent Delaney is a recent graduate of the CHP motor school. He graduated on a Friday and started his assignment at Central two days later. He was assigned to officers Frank Poncherello and Jon Baker by Sgt. Getraer and would alternate between them for his first three weeks with Ponch taking the first turn.

Brent was top of his class at motor school and holds a Master's Degree in Police Science from the University of Southern California.

Brent's father is Senator Tom Delaney, the chairman of the highways committee in Sacramento. When he and Ponch pull over a friend of his father, Brent gets distracted talking to the man rather than watching the passenger. After the hitchhiker runs away and tries to pull a knife on Ponch, word gets back to the station and other officers, including Baricza and Grossman, think he didn't do the right thing. Things get worse for him after his motor is stolen one night on his way home.

Delaney redeems himself after he spots the motorcycle thieves and apprehends one of them personally.[1] Unfortunately, after receiving much praise from his fellow officers, he is never seen again.


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