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My name is Chris Coen, and I live in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico.

My interest in CHiPs

I did not watch CHiPs often when I was growing up. I became a fan many years later, seeing all the numerous location shots in the show and reminiscing about the time I lived in Los Angeles while going to college at USC.

I am also a fan of crime drama, although I tend to prefer work that is a bit more detective-oriented. While CHiPs tends to favor the action aspect over investigation, I still enjoy it.

My interest in the CHiPs Wiki

Los Angeles as seen in the opening to CHiPs

I love Los Angeles. I enjoy reading historical accounts and looking at photographic records of the city. CHiPs provides a great historic snapshot of Los Angeles in the seventies and eighties.

I have wasted a ridiculous amount of time looking up the history and current status of locations shown in CHiPs. I often have moments of, "Hey! I know where that is!" when watching the show, but I also enjoy trying to figure out where places are that do not look familiar. A lot has changed between the Los Angeles of the CHiPs era and the city as it is now, so this can be quite a challenge.

In trying to figure out locations, the CHiPs Wiki has been a very valuable resource, and I hope to augment the content on it with photographs, screen captures and other information about shooting locations.

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