Kim Balford

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Kim Balford
Actor Randi Oakes
Appears in Seasons 2 "Down Time"
Call Numbers N/A
Badge Number N/A
Ponch and Kim getting closer to each other
Kim wearing a bikini while partying on a boat

Kim Balford was originally from Minnesota. Kim was Ponch’s very beautiful with short blonde hair strange new neighbor the suppose to be an actress. Kim live on diet of buttermilk, organic fruits, and organic juices. She was part of a gang of female car thieves that would often steal cars for profit. Kim once gave a tip to her best friend Melodie Fisher, and their friend Brandy in order to steal Ponch’s beautifully restored Trans Am from it’s usual reserved parking spot. Kim and Melodie had stolen a Lincoln that was parked up front of TGI Friday's, and manage to out run Grossie by ditching it in the harbor. Kim had lied to Ponch and Jon about her father dying in the veterans hospital. That same day while trying to deliver the stolen car to Arizona for a quick profit, and during the bust she decided to ditch her friends which are Melodie and Brandy by taking off in Ponch's recently restored car. She was given a little police pursuit by Ponch and Jon in a truck, and had ended with Ponch's car going airbourne over another car causing it to flip over. Kim was later arrested for auto theft by CHP, and send to a woman's prison.