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The Hollywood Freeway is one of the principal freeways of Los Angeles, California (the boundaries of which it does not leave) and one of the busiest in the United States. It is the principal route over the Cahuenga Pass, the principal shortcut between the Los Angeles Basin and the San Fernando Valley.

Hollywood Movies

Hollywood, California conjures up images of movie stars, film production and fame seeking hopefuls arriving by the bus loads daily. While some of these perceptions are true, most film production has moved on to other parts of Los Angeles. A visit to today's Hollywood is more of a bustling tourist destination and beginning point for all the sights around LA and a historic landmark to the film and television industry's past. Read more on A Workout For The Lean Hollywood Look.

The Route

The freeway runs from the Golden State Freeway in the Sun Valley district of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley to the Four Level Interchange in downtown Los Angeles. Between the Golden State Freeway and its intersection with the Ventura Freeway in the southeastern San Fernando Valley (also known as the Hollywood Split), it is signed as State Route 170; thereafter, it takes on the more famous designation of U.S. Route 101.

Notable Features

The Hollywood Freeway is an expansion of the original Cahuenga Parkway, a short six-lane freeway that ran through the Cahuenga Pass between Hollywood and Studio City. The Cahuenga Parkway featured Pacific Electric Railway "Red Car" tracks in its median, but by the 1950s these tracks were out of service due to radical reductions in Red Car service. The Pacific Electric right-of-way later accommodated an additional lane in each direction.

The intersection of the Hollywood and Pasadena Freeways, known as the Four Level Interchange, is one of the major landmarks in Los Angeles and a symbol of the city's post-World War II development.

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