The Greatest Adventures of "CHiPs"

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The Greatest Adventures of "CHiPs"
Episode # 2x23
Air Date May 12, 1979
Briefing Hot sheet info, Ponch and Jon nominated for an award, Grossman in charge of recording testimonials
Title Screen

While Ponch and Jon are in Sacramento teaching a seminar, Grossman collects anecdotes about the team from other officers so that - win or lose - they can give them a party.


Ponch and Jon are away in Sacramento teaching an ISTC seminar. Getraer announces that the District Commander has nominated them for the Sustained Superior Achievement Award, which only 3 CHP officers in the L.A. area have received in the last 7 years. Grossman announces that they want to throw a shin-dig for the guys if the Commissioner approves. Grossman describes it as "half party, half roast." Grossman interviews various CHP officers who recall their favorite Ponch and Jon story. At the conclusion of briefing, a number of officers surround Grossman; Baricza and Fritz offer ideas.

  • Recap#1: Rescuing the kids on a runaway school bus in Repo Man
  • Recap#2: Re-enacting Cahill's accident in MAIT Team
  • Recap#3: Leading a convoy of chlorine trucks and corralling a tiger inThe Volunteers
  • Recap#4: Catching cattle thieves in Rustling
  • Recap#5: Rescuing the girl trapped in an ambulance in Return of the Turks
  • Recap#6: Ponch is trapped in a car with a boa constrictor in Cry Wolf - this is removed from the testimonials because it is deemed inappropriate.
  • Recap#7: Chasing down the "phantom rider" in Supercycle
  • Recap#8: Rescuing the sky diver who lands on the freeway overpass in Vintage '54
  • Recap#9: Ponch's women from various episodes
  • Recap#10: Grossman chases female car thieves into the water in Down Time - criticized for having nothing to do with Ponch and Jon.
  • Recap#11: Stopping a runaway box truck with Baricza's cruiser in Hitch-Hiking Hitch.
  • Recap#12: Rescuing the girls who drive their car into a swimming pool in Flashback!
  • Recap#13: Catching car thieves from a helicopter in High Flyer
  • Recap#14: Ponch and Jon stop a van load of naked volleyball players in Crash Diet
  • Recap#15: Rescuing Chris Roberts from raging rapids in Disaster Squad
  • Recap#16: Saving Robbie Davis from a bomb in her truck in Bio-Rhythms

Baricza, Harlan, Fritz, and Getraer find Grossman contemplating "a finish" to the story.

Memorable Quote

"Now naturally, because of my literary sensitivity and my facile command of the English language, some of us felt I should assemble our recollections of some of their escapades."

- Grossman on why he was placed in charge of the recollections.

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Fun Facts

  • This two-hour episode comprised primarily of highlights from the first two seasons.
  • Although Brianne Leary is listed in the credits, she only appears in a couple of the recaps.

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The Greatest Adventures of "CHiPs"
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