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(it is a good show)
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'''''DO NOT''''' post questions about ''[["CHiPs"]]'' here. This page ''IS NOT'' intended for discussion about ''"CHiPs"''.
== why do we not c the chips on tnt or tbs anymore ==
== it is a good show ==
when i was a child i used to watch it all the time and in the morning it used to make me think bout going into the law enforcement job myself and i still do  but only to help me pursue my career in law enforcement to only be able to see the television show just a couple more times in my life please air the show if not please e mail me and tell me where i can get the shows on vhs or dvd  [email protected].com
                                        Thank you for your time
                                                  Wayne Lucado

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DO NOT post questions about "CHiPs" here. This page IS NOT intended for discussion about "CHiPs".