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Roller Disco: Part II
Episode # 302
Air Date 1979
Briefing ?
Title screen

Brief Plot

Jon lets troubled popstar Jimmy Tyler stay at his apartment. Getraer is getting worried at Ponch's lack of stars for the roller disco. The robberies near the beach continue.


Starting with a bit of a re-cap, we continue from where Part I left off.

Jon loses the skater he was chasing.

Meanwhile, Ponch is still looking for his but can't find him. Luckily Ponch comes up with a plan just before the theme.

After riding the carousel, Ponch and Jon ask their roller disco teaching friends to show them the neighborhood. After walking their dates home, Ponch and Jon go to the roller disco rehersal. The next day, Jimmy is managing his hectic life in Jon's apartment with the stereo turned up. Out on the freeway, the anti-tailgaters are still at it and causing accidents. Our heroes find them and chase them. Ponch and Jon make the arrest after the anti-tailgaters back into a telephone pole.

Back at Jon's apartment, Jimmy is making lots of noise and making calls to London. Jon has a talk with him while Ponch has a talk with Balford, Jimmy's agent. The next day, the roller skating thieves rob a bank. Ponch and Jon respond and are helped by Bonnie and Mark, the kid who held onto the car bumper. Bonnie arrests the woman while Ponch arrests the man in the white shirt and Jon and Mark get the guy in the black shirt.

Brace yourselves, it's time to Skate with the Stars! It can't be summarized in words. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, there's the "First-Ever Roller Disco Beauty Contest". That's followed up by a live performance of "Give In" given by Jimmy Tyler. The episode ends with Jimmy and Balford getting back together.

Guest Stars



Fun Facts

  • The bank robbery takes place at what is now the Bank of America on Windward Avenue. View in Google Maps
  • The robber in the black shirt stops briefly when he sees Jon at the bottom of an alley. The alley is Wave Crest Avenue and Jon was on Speedway. The turquoise building behind Jon is now covered in colorful murals. View in Google Maps
  • Jon finally catches his man while he's reading a newspaper under a tree in Westminster Dog Park. View in Google Maps
  • Ponch chases the other bad guy down the side of a canal off of Dell Avenue. The Venice Canals area looks a lot smarter nowadays, and many of the houses have changed. The final rope swing happens near the bridge at the end of Carroll Canal. View in Google Maps


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