Robbie Davis

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Robbie Davis
Actor Katherine Cannon
Appears in Season 2 (2 episodes) & Season 5 (1 episode)
Call Numbers N/A
Badge Number N/A
Robbie watching Harlan work on one of the motorcycles as seen in "Bio-Rhythms"
Robbie standing around in front of the trucks as seen in "The Volunteers"

Robbie Davis was owner of Robbie Davis Trucking, which she inherited when her father, Charlie Davis, retired. Robbie's company was the target of an unscrupulous competitor who wanted her to sell her business to him.[1]

Robbie was also a love interest for Ponch after they met when Ponch and Jon helped lead a convoy of trucks filled with chlorine gas to safety.[2]

Robbie later helps the CHP discover who is dumping toxic waste.[3]


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