Robbie Davis

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Robbie Davis
Actor Katherine Cannon
Appears in Season 2 (2 episodes) & Season 5 (1 episode)
Call Numbers N/A
Badge Number N/A
Robbie watching Harlan worked on one of the motorcycles as seen in "Bio-Rhythms"
Robbie standing around in front of the trucks as seen in "The Volunteers"

Robbie Davis was owner of Robbie Davis Trucking [1], which she inherited when her father, Charlie Davis retired. Robbie's company was the target of an unscrupulous competitor who wanted her to sell her business to him. Robbie was also a love interest for Ponch after they met when Ponch and Jon helped lead a convoy of trucks filled with chlorine gas to safety.[2]

Robbie later helps the CHP discover who is dumping toxic waste.[3]


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