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Rick Rosner is the creator of "CHiPs".

"I was the Creator, and Exec Producer for the first season.. after which I left to create a second series: "240-ROBERT!" w/ Mark Harmon & Joanna Cassidy. It was on ABC back in 1979," wrote Rosner in an August 2, 1995 message. "Erik & I have remained close friends -- and I had lunch w/ Larry a couple of weeks ago. I'm still writing on a '286' IBM computer. I'm waiting for "WINDOWS '95" to come out later this month -- and then I'll graduate to a 'pentium multi-media' model.. which will allow me to surf the INTERNET."

Rick was (or may still be) a reserve Deputy Sheriff for Los Angeles County.

In his first message to CHiPs Online on July 31, 1995, he said, "My friend Mark Goffman, a major studio exec at Paramount, told me about the "CHiPs" site -- fantastic."


  • "CHiPs" (TV-1977-83) [Producer (1977) & Creator]
  • 240-Robert! (TV-1979) [Creator]
  • Lottery! (1983) [Executive Producer & Creator]
  • Panic in the Skies! (1996) [Executive Producer & Story Writer]
  • "CHiPs" '99 (TV-10/27/1998) [Executive Producer, Director, & Story Writer]