Return of the Brat Patrol

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Return of the Brat Patrol
Episode # 622
Air Date May 1, 1982
Briefing ?
Title screen

Brief Plot

Getraer gets his car stolen by a couple of blonde women. Ponch teases him about it and gets assigned to coaching the Brat Patrol for a basketball match. He also takes the Brat Patrol to a school to help find some older kids who are stealing money off the students.


We join Getraer on his way to work. He stops to get a paper and leaves the keys in the car. Two blonde women steal it and cause an accident. When Ponch and Bruce make fun of Getraer losing his car, Getraer makes Ponch have to shape their Explorer Scouts into a basketball team.

At the introductions, the Explorer troop is sure that they can meet Captain Burke's challenge and beat the LAPD Explorer troop.

On patrol, Bruce and Kathy chase Getraer's car but have to stop when it causes several accidents.

At practice, C.T, the CHP Explorers' star player has to sit out because of bad grades at school and they get clobbered by the LAPD Explorers.

Later that day, the Explorers go on patrol with Ponch looking for older kids who don't belong at a school. When the older kids threaten Artie and Roland, they don't tell Ponch about it.

At basketball practice, Bobby and Bruce tell Ponch that there was a kid at the school that was mugged.

That night at Ponch's apartment, Becky Lou, one of the Explorer girls tells Ponch that her boyfriend wants her to go "all the way" with him.

The next day, Carter (in a new crusier) finds Getraer's car and chases it assisted by Grossie, Bruce, Bobby, and Kathy on motors. He blocks the road, but Getraer orders him out of the way, and the theives escape again.

Later, at the school, Artie and Roland call in Ponch and catch the bullies.

Out on the streets, Ponch and Bruce spot Getraer's car. Getraer shows up and arrests them after the car runs out of gas ... but they didn't put it in park and the car rolls away and gets wrecked.

Later, at the basketball game, everyone is there to watch as the CHP beats the LAPD 67 to 66 in the last second, with Becky Lou making the final basket.

Guest Stars





Fun Fact

  • This was the final first-run episode of "CHiPs" on NBC. No one knew it at the time.
  • Five of the six members of the CHP Explorers reprise their roles, the exception being Kathy Maisnik who replaces Tammy Lauren as Becky Lou.
  • James E. Smith took over from Glen B. Craig as CHP Commissioner just in time to get a credit in this final episode.
  • Carter drives a 1982 Ford Mustang SSP. There are a couple of others visible when the Explorers are washing the cars.


  • Why are these kids patrolling a school? Shouldn't they be in school? Just what is the CHP trying to promote?
  • At the basketball game, isn't it unfair for Getraer to be an official?
  • The short kid isn't wearing his glasses during the basketball game ... even though he wears them everywhere else.

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Return of the Brat Patrol
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