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Ari Sorko-Ram and his wife, Shira

R.B. Sorko-Ram played Officer Shain in "CHiPs". He is a former US Army soldier, University of Southern California alumni and the son-in-law of Christ for the Nations co-founder, the late Freda Lindsay. After his appearances on "CHiPs", he started going by the name Ari Sorko-Ram.

In 1981, Ari founded Maoz Israel Ministries with his wife, Shira. It is a ministry in Israel that is a catalyst and vehicle for evangelism, training, translating, publishing, economic and disaster relief. It established and underwrites a Hebrew indigenous congregation in Tel Aviv.


  • Sweating Bullets (TV-1991) as Sgt. Gregory
  • The Finest Hour (1991) as Petersen
  • America 3000 (1986) as Relk
  • Wonder Woman - "Gault's Brain" (TV-1978) as Berger
  • "CHiPs"' - "One Two Many" (TV-1978) as Shain
  • "CHiPs"' - "Hustle" (TV-1977) as Shain
  • "CHiPs"' - "Green Thumb Burglar" (TV-1977) as Shain
  • "CHiPs"' - "Taking Its Toll" (TV-1977) as Shain
  • "CHiPs"' - "Career Day" (TV-1977) as Shain
  • Two-Minute Warning (1976) as Beck (SWAT Team)
  • Good Heavens - "Good Neighbor Maxine" (TV-1976) as State Trooper
  • Matt Helm - "Murder on Ice" (TV-1975)
  • Hawaii Five-O - "The Case Against McGarrett" (TV-1975) as Tasai
  • Sky Heist (TV-1975) as Deputy Pearson
  • S.W.A.T. - "Hit Men" (TV-1975) as Nate Smith

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