Peaks and Valleys

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Peaks and Valleys
Episode # 201
Air Date September 16, 1978
Briefing none
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Brief Plot

Central gets a new mechanic, Harlan Arliss. Ponch and Jon are accused of improperly moving an accident victim. Jon meets an old friend who tries to convince him that there are better jobs out there than CHP officer.


"Is that "CHiPs" season 2 over there?"
Don't be a distracted driver

While driving on the freeway, a couple attempts to switch seats and gets stuck. Ponch and Jon pull them over. A camper driver gets distracted by them and drives off the road throwing a woman from the cab and rolling down a hill. As Ponch and Jon work to get the back of the camper open and free some trapped children, two men in brown uniforms and gold helmets run over to aid the rescue. Ponch and Jon free the children as the workmen remove the driver. When the paramedics arrive, they examine the driver and one of them accuses Ponch and Jon of moving the driver.

Later, they pull over a high school buddy of Jon, Stan Bosca, who tries to talk him into selling cars. He comments that Jon could do much better with is life than "blowing it on drunks and speeders."

When they return to Central, they arrive to a spotless garage. They meet a dog named Dave and his owner Harlan, the new mechanic. Grossie tells them that the dog was on dope patrol at the border. Ponch and Jon discuss the camper accident with Getraer, who informs them that there has been a complaint lodged against them.

If Harlan were two inches taller...

As Ponch and Jon go back on patrol, Harlan tells Getraer that he would be a CHP officer if he were two inches taller. Getraer insults him by stating that if Harlan were two inches shorter, he would be riding losers at Hollywood Park.

At the hospital, the spinal victim recalls that the rescuers were wearing helmets, brown uniforms, and boots. The victim identifies Ponch and Jon as the men that pulled him from the camper. The victim expresses concern for the officers, but the lawyer informs him that they should not care about the fate of the officers.

Out on the streets, Ponch and Jon discuss their predicament as a woman in a classic car drives past them.

Anyone up for some BBQ?

Later, Ponch and Jon chase a truck with a trailer fire. They pull the driver out of the vehicle just before the truck explodes. The paramedics arrive and tend to the the driver as the fire department puts out the fire. Getraer arrives to inform them there will be a hearing regarding the camper accident and that they should be concerned about a potential civil action against them. He also tells them they'll have to do a recruiting pitch to a group of Explorer Scouts over at Palisades High tomorrow morning.

While off duty, they visit the used car lot and consider working there. Stan Bosca pitches the benefits of the job and tries to make Jon feel guilty because he "can't event help out a pal" by burying the ticket he wrote.

The next morning, Ponch helps Jon tell high school students about the California Highway Patrol. They demonstrate their motor riding skills and perform some tricks for the students.

A bad day for Baricza's car.

While Jon gives a ticket, Ponch and Baricza respond to an anonymous call of dirt bikes near the reservoir. When Baricza leaves his cruiser to investigate, two guys shoot it up. Ponch calls in "shots fired" and Jon responds. As the guys walk away, Baricza draws his weapon on them. Ponch and Baricza are arresting them when Jon arrives.

Back at Central, Grossman, Getraer, Harlan, Ponch, and Jon watch Baricza's car come in. Grossie theorizes that the guys were striking out against authority. Getraer says they have six felony counts.

On their way to the hospital to see the camper rollover victim, they drop by a classic car dealer. Entering the dealership, Jon finds the blonde woman he has seen driving the classic T-birds, Melanie Ingalls. She invites him to a disco concert.

They then visit the spinal victim, Bob Niles, in the hospital. With help from his daughter, he remembers that it wasn't Ponch and Jon that moved him...but power line guys!

Ponch enjoys the 1970s

That night, Ponch and Jon show off their disco techniques with the ladies. When they take a break from the dance floor, a pregnant woman is about to give birth. Ponch takes control while Jon assists. In the world's fastest, quietest, and easiest delivery, she gives birth to a boy. Ponch and Jon enjoy the applause when the DJ announces that they're CHP officers.

Great Quotes

"LA 15 7-Mary-4, 10-97 Canyon Road. Shots fired!"
-Ponch calls it in
"FREEZE! POLICE! Drop the weapons! Raise your hands!"
-Baricza draws his weapon

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Fun Facts

  • As the first episode of Season 2, this is the first time Alan Silvestri's version of the theme music is used and the first occurrence of the beat that proceeds the theme.
  • This is the first episode to feature guest star credits at the top of the episode.
  • The paramedic that accuses Ponch of moving the camper driver is named "Clyde Cheeney" according to his name tag.
  • The hospital where the crash victim is taken, and where he's subsequently visited by Jon and Ponch, is the West Hills Hospital and Medical Center. There even seems to be a plastic surgeon there called Grossman! View in Google Maps
  • This episode introduces Lou Wagner as mechanic Harlan Arliss.
  • When Baricza draws his weapon, you never actually see him holding a gun.
  • Ponch's dancing clip in the Season 6 theme is from this episode.
  • People often remember this episode because Ponch and Jon deliver a baby in a disco.
  • This episode does not end with the freeze frame with credits interspersed with a continuing of the final scene that was characteristic of the first season. Instead, there are a few freeze frames and then the credits begin and roll over a single freeze frame.


  • When Baricza calls in that he's responding to dirt bikers tearing up the reservoir, you can see he has both hands on the steering wheel of his car!
  • You're that pregnant and you're going to a disco? What is wrong with you?!
  • The delivery on the floor of the disco is unbelievably quick, quiet, and painless.

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