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Patrick Delahanty (born March 6, 1973 in Lewiston, Maine) is best known as the creator of the infamous web site known as The Chibi Project where he is responsible for conducting hideous, violent acts upon unsuspecting little toys.

Patrick is also the webmaster of, a growing web site specializing in anime convention information. He is also a highly visible and award-winning cosplayer and anime music video creator. In addition, Patrick had a minor voice acting role as the voice of the fighter pilots in the hit 1996 Macintosh game Escape Velocity and its sequel, Escape Velocity: Override.

In real life, Patrick attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where he created The Original "CHiPs" Web Site with his roommate, Tim Lewis, shortly before they graduated in 1995.

Since then, he has worked for a handful of Internet-related businesses that no longer exist. Patrick is currently a Senior Web Applications Developer at one of the few remaining dotcom companies. He has also taught an online course in web design and development for Northeastern University.

Patrick has been watching anime since Battle of the Planets was originally airing on television. Later on, he became a fan of Voltron and Transformers. Nowadays, he prefers the action and drama of Cowboy Bebop, but he still has a soft spot in his heart for the anime he grew up on. This love for anime led him to become one of the founders of Anime Boston and Providence Anime Conference. He has since been elected as chairman of Anime Boston 2005 and 2006.

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