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One Two Many
Episode # 113
Air Date Jan 5, 1978
Briefing The CHP impersonator

Brief Plot

He wants to be CHP in the worst way. But this uniformed lawbreaker is a look-alike for one of the best: Jon!


A CHP motor officer pulls over a woman in a Datsun and makes a rude remark. She replies, "How dare you?!" and pulls out into traffic. It causes another car to hit the guardrail. The officer on the motorcycle checks it out but rides off when the woman in the back goes into labor.

Meanwhile, Jon wants to know why Ponch is late. He explains that his motorhome's generator died and could take a while to fix. It's not long before they arrive at the car with the woman in labor. Ponch calls for an ambulance while Jon gets into the back seat of the car with the woman. Ponch climbs in too and rests the woman's head on his lap. Fritz and Shain show up just as the baby boy is born. The paramedics aren't far behind. As Ponch and Jon head out, Jon offers to let Ponch stay at his apartment if the motorhome isn't fixed.

At Central, Ponch is excited about delivering the baby and brags about it with everyone. Getraer calls them in and says a young woman complained about Jon. Ponch suggests it was a "play cop" and Jon and Getraer agree that it's a possibility.

Back on the freeway, Jon tries to figure out why the woman said it was him. While they discuss it, they spot speeding cars that are decorated from a wedding and honking. Although they were going over 80 and the bride is giggling from the champagne, the groom is in a hurry to get away from his friends since he's only on a couple days leave from the Navy. As a present from the California Highway Patrol, Jon lets him go to get away and holds back all their friends.

That afternoon, Jon helps Ponch carry his "matched luggage" to his apartment. Ponch is amazed by all the friendly women neighbors. He loads up Jon's fridge with junk food and plays the radio loudly while he sleeps.

As the briefing is about to begin, Ponch tells tales of the women at Jon's apartment and Jon tells everyone how Ponch sleeps with a teddy bear. When Baricza says he saw Jon on the Hollywood Freeway, Getraer asks for a description. Baricza points out the blond baton and says it could have been Jon's twin. Getraer is certain it's a double and starts the briefing so everyone can get out and find him.

Out on the streets, Ponch and Jon see Getraer pull over a car. Just as Getraer gets to the driver's window, the car speeds off. Getraer goes to chase him, but his motor won't start. Ponch and Jon take up the chase. The car swerves to miss a truck and ends up flying into a pond. Ponch and Jon wade out to the car, but the driver makes it to shore first. Getraer grabs him and he is arrested.

That night, Jon drives Ponch to Mike's Auto Repair to check on the motorhome. They're disappointed to find out that the mechanic needs another day working on the generator before it's ready.

Back at Jon's place, it's a mess. Jon and Ponch arrive to find one of Jon's neighbors using his hairdryer. Jon's feeling down about a double stealing his identity. Ponch reassures him that "We're gonna get this dude."

Meanwhile, the double is out on the streets and pulls over another car. He makes a comment about her address being a "swingin' singles place" and he hits on her. The woman threatens to report "Officer Block". He grabs her and she struggles. Ponch and Jon spot them on their way home from a movie. Officer Block says she was resisting arrest. Ponch and Jon grab her as "Block" drives off. A Santa Monica police officer arrives to find Ponch and Jon struggling with the woman. It's not long before everyone realizes what happened. The woman is shaken up by the experience and Ponch drives her home.

That night, Ponch has the music blasting again. Jon turns it off and Ponch wakes up. Distraught, Jon grabs a pillow and blanket and heads across the hall to sleep on his neighbor's couch.

The next day, Ponch and Jon find a car that was hit (lightly) by a train. The driver and engineer are in a loud argument. As Ponch is in the engine to help move the train, he spots the fake CHP officer. They chase after him through city streets until he flips off his motor in the middle of an intersection. He's arrested and Jon finally gets a look at his "twin".

Back at Mike's Auto Repair, the mechanic says he needs more time. Jon gives Ponch his keys and tells him to take his car, apartment, and neighbors. Jon will stay in Ponch's motorhome for the peace and quiet.

Great Quotes

"It's okay, we deliver babies too!"
-Jon to the married couple going on their honeymoon
"Uh, they escaped."
-Jon explains to Ponch why the bride and groom are pulling away
"I'd recognize that blonde baton anywhere! It's a Baker trademark."

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Fun Facts

  • This is the first time since the pilot episode that the "CHiPs" theme has been heard during an episode other than incidental music.


  • In the second shot, there's a CHP logo on the fake officer's motorcycle. In the third shot, it's gone.
  • The groom tells Jon that he's on "a couple days leave". As Jon walks back, he says, "The guy probably has a 24 hour leave too." Is his hearing okay? Just before that, he said, "You're on leave?" and after Ponch says it would take an hour to write everything up, he says, "An hour?"
  • When Ponch is loading Jon's fridge with Ding Dongs, the eggs, milk, and other contents disappear in various shots, but re-appear when we see inside again later.
  • It's dark when Jon drives Ponch to Mike's Auto Repair for the first time. In the scene filmed inside the garage, it's daytime.
  • The car that was hit by the train was barely scratched. That must be one solid car!
  • When the fake CHP officer is looking for his last victim, his motorcycle's red lights are covered in white and the tank has a different paint scheme. This changes back and forth during the final pursuit.

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